Two-day Social Media Marketing Workshop

Social Studio Shop is a social media workshop that covers all the basics of social media marketing and then some! We spend an entire weekend transforming you into the ultimate socialite! Through training, open discussion, hands-on application and group activities we show you how to create authentic relationships with your audience and grow your online presence.

For entrepreneurs + creatives

Are you struggling with too many ideas at once? Do you feel the pressure to be everywhere while managing a consistent social identity? We know as creatives and entrepreneurs you may be struggling to grow your business and your virtual presence authentically. We at Social Studio Shop, live to help others find their WHY, understand their unique social voice and form a cohesive brand message. By creating content for your specific audience and understanding how that resonates, we'll help you craft a social strategy that works for YOU. You will leave with the knowledge to measure your success and the direct correlation between your time online and your ROI.

Our past entrepreneurs + creatives* have experienced the following social growth as early as one month following the workshop:

  • 1.35% follower increase on Facebook
  • 47.73% follower increase on Twitter
  • 18.20% follower increase on Instagram
  • 2.36% engagement increase on Instagram

*These numbers represent the growth from October Ink.

For bloggers

When your spending countless hours creating stellar content and your site visits are low, we often find ourselves wondering "is anyone even listening?!" It can be frustrating seeing other bloggers blow up on social media and not understanding what led to their success. Furthermore, it's challenging to form a cohesive brand presence, understand how to tie your blog content in with your social strategy and cater your content to each unique platform.  We are passionate about helping you achieve success by increasing your reach within the blogging community, gaining exposure + credibility with brands and aligning your social strategy seamlessly with your blog.

Our past bloggers* have experienced dramatic increase in their social efforts:

  • 3.78% follower increase on Facebook
  • 33% engagement increase on Facebook
  • 10.52% follower increase on Twitter
  • 21.05 engagement increase on Twitter
  • 15.70% follower increase on Instagram
  • 16.67% engagement increase on Instagram
  • 7.11% follower increase on Pinterest
  • 12.36% increase in blog Pageviews
  • 11.26% increase in blog Visitors

*Represents Oh So Lovely Blog's growth one month after attending.

  • 3.29% follower increase on Facebook
  • 21.89% follower increase on Twitter
  • 9.45% follower increase on Instagram
  • 4.79% engagement increase on Instagram
  • 20% follower increase on Pinterest

*Represents Lauryncakes growth one month after attending.


For marketers

As we know, this industry is constantly changing. It's hard to keep up with the latest algorithms, updates and changes, let alone form a successful strategy. Focusing on your clients' purpose will allow you to set achievable goals, separate your voice from theirs and reach social success. The tools we give you will allow you to educate your clients on each platform and guide them in the right direction. By understanding reach, engagement and other key metrics you will be able to communicate valuable insights to validate your efforts.

Our past social media marketers* have increased their client's social presence greatly in one month:

  • 3.17% follower increase on Facebook
  • 50% follower increase on Twitter
  • 1.51% follower increase on Instagram
  • 11.07%% engagement increase on Instagram
  • 100% follower increase on Pinterest

*Numbers based off Hilary Image Studios managed by Morgan Brian.

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