Relax. Learn. Connect.

As socially-obsessed babes who love chatting online just as much as we do in real life, sometimes we like to learn and mingle in the comfort of our own homes (preferably in our PJs with a cup of coffee in hand — wink! Our webinars offer the perfect opportunity for hopeful socialites who can’t make it to our in-person workshops. These one-hour sessions are taught lecture style, followed by Q/A where you can ask any questions your social heart desires! 

During the webinar, we'll have a chat window available so you'll have an opportunity to make connections and interact with fellow socialites. Worried about how you'll look on the other end of the screen? Don't be! We only showcase our audio and video so you can relax and just enjoy! Feel free to tune in while sporting your sweaty gym clothes, PJs, or in the midst of cuddling with your favorite furry assistant — no judgements here!

Have a specific question about our webinars? Visit our FAQ page!