Using Snapchat to Connect with Your Audience

According to Business Insider, Snapchat has around 200 million highly-engaged users. That’s a lot! If you know your target audience is using Snapchat, it’s a great network for building authentic relationships!

So what makes Snapchat so personal? You can’t post photos or videos saved on your phone; every Snap has to be taken through the app! So there’s no sharing that perfectly edited photo of that gorgeous hike you took last month. Save that for Instagram! Snapchat is for sharing REAL + relatable moments of your day. And that’s what people really connect with!

Topics Discussed

This webinar will address the following topics…

  • What makes Snapchat so unique
  • Is Snapchat for you?
  • Sending + receiving snaps
  • Posting on “My Story”
  • Measuring your results
  • Brands that are killin’ it!
  • Q/A