Custom Snapcode for Snapchat


Custom Snapcode for Snapchat


Is your brand or blog on Snapchat? Would you like a custom Snapchat code to share with your audience so they can easily find + connect with you?

Say goodbye to that "basic" boring Snapcode + hello to a completely custom Snapcode!

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What You'll Get

  • One custom color for the background
  • We can also place anything you want in the "ghost"
    • Logo, headshot, main product– you name it!
  • Final file is high-res png and jpg that you can use anywhere + everywhere!

How To Order

Snapcode File: To create your custom branded Snapcode, we will need to have your original Snapcode files. Please visit this link to download your Snapcode.

  • Log in with your Snapchat Username + password
  • Select "download Snapcode"
  • Upload your snapcode.png file to Dropbox
  • In the following payment form, we will ask you to send us the URL to the Dropbox link with your snapcode.png file

We can do this step for you but will will need your Snapchat Username + password. If you would like us to do this step for you, please provide us your log in credentials. We will let you know once we have downloaded the file and you can update your password at that point.

Background color: In the checkout form, we will ask for your main background color and a secondary color (the secondary color is just in case your preferred option does not have enough contrast). In order for the Snapcode to scan properly, there must be enough contrast between the dots, the boarder, and the ghost. You must provide the HEX or RGB color code.

Ghost image: If you would like us to add your logo, headshot, or an image of your main product in the ghost we certainly can (as long as it provides enough contrast!). Please provide us a Dropbox link to where we can download the file you want us to use. High-res is preferred!

We will send you a mockup of your custom Snapcode for approval within three days of purchase. You can request if you would like any adjustments. We will then send you your final custom Snapcode within two days upon approval of the proof.