Raves + Reviews

I was thrilled to attend the Social Studio Shop in Salt Lake City! I’ve attended both big conferences and smaller workshops in the past, but Social Studio Shop offers one thing that most don’t- the opportunity to implement the tips and tricks on the spot. Jess made sure that we were understanding what was being presented/discussed and was more than willing to spend additional time with us one on one. Prior to the workshop, I wasn’t posting with intention, but I now know the importance of that and have already seen better engagement from my audience. One of my favorite things about this workshop was the smaller group, which created a wonderful atmosphere where we were able to interact with each other and bounce ideas off one another. I would definitely recommend Social Studio Shop to anyone who wants to take their brand or business to the next level!
— Abby Allison | The fAB Blog
I went in with very specific ideas about social media and how I participate in it. I came out with an entirely new set of strategies and priorities. Furthermore, they help their participants navigate those dreaded analytics pages that can be so daunting for creatives such as myself.

If you are looking for a way to take your social media game to the next level, I highly recommend attending a workshop. Jessica and her entire team, live and breathe social media. They practice what they preach and will have you up and running in no time at all. I look forward to learning even more via their webinar series.
— Elena Sullivan | A Casarella
I attended the San Diego Social Studio Workshop and I was excited to learn new ideas, yet I had NO idea how and what the workshop would entail. Upon arriving to the workshop location, I was pleasantly surprised at the welcoming we all received. Social Studio Workshop was personable and an incredible knowledgable experience. Just when you think you know from experience, you learn something completely NEW and I love that! I am learning to apply what I learned for both my business as well for my clients. I am finding my authentic voice to make my social media presence more REAL. That in itself is a huge challenge but I am finding this pearl of wisdom to be a valuable piece of advice. I would HIGHLY recommend attending a Social Studio Workshop. I plan on attending another in the future, until then I will continue to learn from the experience. Thanks ladies for the lovely time!
— Nicole Lindstrom | Lindstrom Media
Social Studio Shop was such a wonderful experience! I have to say I went in not knowing how much knowledge I would take away from the weekend, but wow I was SO grateful I made the investment in myself to go and learn! The social media tips, shared knowledge, and open discussion with creative like-minded people truly gave me the inspiration and insight I needed to take my digital presence and social media marketing business to the next level. In just one short week, I am already seeing improvements in my social media presence! I definitely recommend attending Social Studio Shop for anyone who desires to authentically grow their blog or business and use social media strategically. Jessica and Elana, you both are SO helpful, friendly, and inspiring! Thank you again!
Hannah Thomas | Freelance Social Media Marketer
I attended the Kansas City workshop and LOVED every minute of it! I learned so many helpful social media tips, and am already seeing a big difference in only one week. I loved connecting with other local bloggers and left feeling excited and ready to grow my brand and online presence. Jessica and Elana are a wonderful team, and really know how to personalize the experience for each attendee. They did a great job walking everyone through analytics, and made everything really easy to understand. I can’t recommend Social Studio Shop enough!
Audrey Kuether | Graphic Designer + Blogger
I drove eighteen hours to attend and it was worth every second! I kid you not, this weekend changed my comapny which ultimately will change my life. I’m greatful for the ladies at social studio shop. Thank ya’ll so much for living within your purpose... I need you!
— Precious Freeman | BFC Management
I’ve got to say I went into this weekend having no idea what to expect, or what I would get out of it, and after yesterday I re-found my love for blogging and growing my brand. This workshop was SO SO informative, and teaches you everything from how to effectively manage your social media accounts to grow your business, photography, to implementing, I mean we were constantly busy and I loved every.single.minute.of.it.
Melissa Heyde
social studio shop was by far the most productive learning experience I’ve had in awhile. I’m excited to put what I’ve learned to use for my blog and future projects. It was a great networking experience and was refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded creative women who shared similar interests. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with such an awesome group of ladies and see everyone’s goals come to fruition. Needless to say, I left feeling so inspired and motivated to take my creativity and digital presence to another level.
Tiffany Tan
Social Studio Shop offered a wealth of knowledge about navigating through the vast world of social media. We came out of this workshop with a renewed sense of our intentional presence on each platform, learned how to optimize certain platforms and how to organize & plan goals around our social media.
Casual 4 A Cause
Jessica has an obvious passion for what she does. She has immersed herself in the world of social media and branding, and is sharing her knowledge and experience with the rest of us through her workshops. social studio helped me take my own social media presence and marketing to the next level!
Happy Hour Mama