Photography 101 + Photo Styling

Something we FOCUS on at our two-day social media workshops is the importance of adding great visuals to your content strategy.  It's essential that your photos not only represent your unique brand and style but also that they stand out from the crowd.

With visuals being processed at a rate of 60,000 times faster than text (3M Corporation), and image-based platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest rising in popularity, the importance for high quality photography is becoming increasingly important.

This course is perfect for beginner DSLR users and smartphone-ographers.

There's no denying that the power of visual communication is here to stay. If you're feeling overwhelmed – we’re here to share with you how you can become confident and intentional in your photography + photo styling.

During this course you'll:

  • Learn why and how photography plays such a vital role in social media marketing
  • Discover our tips for composing your images intentionally
  • Gain insights on exposure and lighting techniques
  • Learn photo styling tricks and the trends that will stand out in 2016
  • Review helpful accounts and examples of brands and businesses who are utilizing the power of visuals to drive traffic to their website, and make sales
  • Hear commonly asked questions answered during a prerecorded Q&A session
  • Have the opportunity to discuss everything you've learned implement these techniques to elevate YOUR brand

What's included in the course...

  • 90-minute lesson
  • PDF of presentation slides
  • PDF of questions asked during our live Q/A session
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Tips for developing your personal brand
  • Our go-to suggestions for photography equipment

“Best hour of my day, can’t wait to put your information to use!” – Be Naturally Prepared


"These courses are SO helpful!" – Jen Baxter | Social Media Content Curator


"Can't wait for the next one!" – Katherine Orphey

Meet Your Instructors!


Jessica Howell

CEO + Founder

At fourteen, Jessica fell in love with film photography. Since then, she has lived in the creative world and has had a passion for capturing and making connections with people. After graduating with a degree in Photography and Design, her creative savvy led her to the wonderful world of social media marketing.

For the past 4+ years, Jessica has spent her days consulting entrepreneurs and bloggers on their digital strategy. She has worked with a wide variety of industries including: travel &  leisure, real estate, brick & mortar, B2B, and fitness– just to name a few! Jessica's true passion shines when she is helping fellow dream chasers and boss babes grow with intention using successful, purpose-driven strategies.

Besides all things social, Jessica loves to spend time with her husband and their golden retriever. She enjoys hiking and camping with her family in San Diego, searching for the best local cup of coffee, and experiencing all that life has to offer.

Elana Jadallah

Business Developer

Elana has been social since the second she could talk. Making connections wherever she goes, she knew that her career must revolve around establishing and maintaining relationships. She has had a long-time love affair with photography and wanted to put her passion into use. By blending these two elements, Elana fell into the world of digital and social marketing and strategy.

Elana is the founder and curator of + ElanaLoo Consulting. She's an avid storyteller with an infinite love for beautiful photographs, interesting conversations and experiencing new places. She lives her passion every day by helping small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals through content, digital, and social media strategy.

She is an avid traveler & adventurer but wholeheartedly believes the magic is in the journey, not the destination. She lives for the moments made and conversations had with loved ones (and even strangers) that make this life more vivid +  inspiring.