Episode 000: Let's #InspireConnectGrow Together!

Ohhhh my heart just might burst with excitement! After months and months of dreaming it's finally here!!! I am so thrilled to introduce you to the #InspireConnectGrow Podcast.

Let's #InspireConnectGrow Together!

This little passion project of ours all started about a year and a half ago when I became completely obsessed with podcasts. See some of my favorite here + here. After three years of working from home, the isolation really started to get to me. Cabin fever was setting in and I wanted to get out (figuratively). That's when I discovered my new work buddy– podcasts! Tuning in to my favorite shows each week gave me that oh-so-necessary break from the silence.

I dreamed of the day where we could create a similar welcoming experience for our Socialites who just like me, might be feeling alone, overwhelmed + confused. Our intention behind the #InspireConnectGrow Podcast is to create an on-to-go platform for our Socialites to discover intention, freedom and guidance in the world of social media marketing. We hope to inspire community, curate authentic connections and grow together through purpose-driven strategy.

Tune in to learn more and discover what what you can expect from the #InspireConnectGrow Podcast!

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