Episode 009: Posting Online as You or Your Brand – Examples + Actionable Tips

What one thing do the most authentic and trusting social voices have in common? This episode of the #InspireConnectGrow Podcast dives into this answer and more! Tune in as we share our top tips for keeping a consistent brand voice across social platforms, ideas for crafting a style guide for your brand (and why you should), plus what you can do today to transition into your new social voice with grace + confidence! 

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Get to Know Emily

 With a degree in Public Relations and Journalism, Emily has always had a unique love for social media and communication. Graduating college a few years ago on the East Coast, she made her way out west to temporarily volunteer with a non-profit organization in their Communications Department. Three months turned into the present and since then, Emily has discovered a newfound passion for helping small start-ups and businesses better communicate their story and mission by way of social media. 

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