Episode 008: Posting Online as You or Your Brand – The Pros + Cons

Have you ever wondered if you should post online from your personal perspective versus your brand? Do you find yourself flip flopping between “me” or “we”? In this episode of the #InspireConnectGrow Podcast, Emily from our team will be joining on the show to discuss which perspective might be best for you and your brand. Today, we’ll focus on the mindset behind developing your brand voice, the importance of defining your social voice, the impact that it has on your marketing message and how your voice is being received by your community.

We’ll discuss the many pros and cons that you can run into when it comes to posting as yourself versus your brand as well as how to navigate each perspective so that no matter which side of the equation you find yourself leaning toward – you will leave this episode feeling more confident and more comfortable in your choice! 

Tune in to our chat with Emily + get ready to learn all this and more!

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Get to Know Emily

 With a degree in Public Relations and Journalism, Emily has always had a unique love for social media and communication. Graduating college a few years ago on the East Coast, she made her way out west to temporarily volunteer with a non-profit organization in their Communications Department. Three months turned into the present and since then, Emily has discovered a newfound passion for helping small start-ups and businesses better communicate their story and mission by way of social media. 

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