Whether you're just starting as a blogger, an entrepreneur, or you feel like you are in transition and looking for brand clarity + direction, you have come to the right place!

Clarity + Direction

If you've ever tried to update your social media bio + found yourself thinking "what do I say?, what do I have to offer?" You're not alone!

During this four-day email course, you will be guided through the process of forming a clear + concise brand identity. You will leave with the ability to identify exactly who your ideal audience is, recognize how to choose the best social media platforms to connect with your audience, and discover how to validate + focus in on your audience through social media analytics. 

Get Clear, Get Focused

What's Included In This 4-Day Email Course



Helpful worksheets jam-packed with thought experiments to help take what you're learning + put it into practice! In these worksheets, you'll discover your true value & your ideal audience!



Which social platforms are right for you + your brand? We'll help you figure it out with our handy assessment! During this quiz, you'll discover how to maximize your time & efforts online.


Guided Homework

Homework may have made you cringe back in the day but we're here to make it fun! You'll get email support + feedback from our knowledge team to ensure you're on the right track!




Guilt-free cheatsheets to help you measure + track your social media success. Think of it these helpful guides as your quick reference to all things media analytics!


BONUS! You'll also receive an exclusive invitation to our Private Facebook Group where you'll receive further support, guided assistance + backstage access to our Socialite Community!


How It Works...

As soon as you purchase the course, we will send you a little love note in your inbox with an introduction, an instant PDF download for the first chapter, and everything you need to kickstart your brand + discover your ideal audience.

From there, we will give you a couple days to complete your first assignment before sending you the next chapter. If you need any help at all, you'll be able to submit your questions to our knowledgeable team of social babes.  

Why You Can Trust Us...

Social Studio Shop is made up of female entrepreneurs who all strive to be the ultimate boss babe. Our team has expertise in social media marketing, photography, graphic design, blogging, digital advertising, copy writing + small business startups! If you’re looking for answers, we've got them!

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