photo by Ashley Kelemen


How can we help?

Whether you need help planning a successful social media strategy or you want to bounce ideas off us — we're here for YOU! We offer consulting sessions where you can get all your social media marketing questions answered and gain valuable feedback from our knowledgeable team. Some of the many topics we would be happy to discuss with you in terms of your business, blog, or clients could include:

  • social media evaluation
  • defining who you are (your purpose, what makes you unique)
  • outlining your target market (understanding your desired audience)
  • ways to increase your engagement
  • how to maintain a consistent + cohesive brand presence
  • understanding key social media metrics for measuring your ROI
  • walking you through specific platforms + understanding analytics
  • how to find and grow your audience
  • understanding how to communicate effectively in the digital space
  • how to sell (the right way) on social media
  • how to handle negative feedback
  • developing an effective social media strategy

How it works

Our consulting sessions are offered in one hour increments. After making your consulting appointment, we will have you complete an introductory intake assessment. The assessment will help our team understand your current efforts on social media, any goals you might have (don't have them — no problem! We can discuss this!), and any pain points (struggles) that you would like us to help you overcome.

We offer free 15 minute consultations for anyone interested in learning more about what we can discuss in a full-length consult. Interested in learning more? Email us here!