Why We Choose to Postpone Our San Francisco Workshop

Phew! Things got a little crazy there! Summer was wrapping up, we have been hosting twitter chats and webinars, kids were going back to school, and quarter three is coming to a close quickly! Ahhh have you been feeling the pressure to be everywhere at once? Because we certainly have!

Flowers by Victorian Gardens | Photo by Sarah Sweeney | Social Studio Shop

We chatted with our audience, we listened to their needs, and we found out that right now is not the most convenient time for us to bring Social Studio Shop to San Francisco. Since not many were able to attend, we have chosen to, at this time, postpone our San Francisco workshop. 

As John Lennon so eloquently put it...

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

And well, that's OKAY!

At the end of the day, it's all about how you choose to let those pivotal moments control your mentality, your next step, and your future that truly matter.

And guess what babes? We choose to move forward with what's most beneficial to YOU as our audience, our supporters, and our dearest friends. We choose happiness, positivity, and excitement for all that's to come!

With that being said, we could not be more thrilled about the fun things we have coming up in these next few months! We have six awesome and super helpful webinars on the books! Monthly twitter chats (next one is October 14!), Instagram Q/As, and so much more!

We'll also be in Los Angeles November 7-8 for our next two-day social media marketing workshop!

We look forward to continuing to be a wealth of knowledge for all your social media needs, a supportive community for your entrepreneurial spirit, and a helpful resource for your blogging dreams.

Image by Sarah Sweeney

Have you ever had to make a tough call in life or with your business? I'd love to hear how you handled it!