Why It's Okay to Be a Goal Digger on Social Media

Being a gold digger may have some negative connotations but being a goal digger is nothing but positive! Having and setting goals, in life allows for purpose and a sense of accomplishment; the same goes for business and we’re here to tell you how and why goals are so important when managing your social media.

Why Should We Set Goals?

In any adventure or journey there will be places you will stop along the way, but they aren’t your final destination. Think of goals this way, they don’t occur at the finish line but along the way and are the big moments you tend to remember at the end.

Going For The Goal

Business ventures without goals are like trips without a map or in present terms, Google maps on our iPhones. Most of us would be wandering aimlessly or just completely lost. Having goals is your map; they allow you a sense of direction and something to look forward to as the final destination. Having goals gives us a starting point to help plan for the content and the message that we plan to send out on social.

When setting goals keep in mind: your purpose, overall message, and your potential speed bumps (obstacles) which you must overcome along the way. Ask yourself where do you see your business or blog in one year, three years, and five years? Then set your goals on social media to help you get there.

Remember: it's important to be specific and realistic when setting goals!

Examples Of Good Goals

Furthermore, when you are mapping out good goals for your brand make sure to stay away from focusing on “vanity numbers”. Instead of obsessing over 100+ likes and 2k followers, try reframing your mindset and aim to increasing awareness and the buzz around your brand. A couple examples of well-rounded goals could be; to interact with your audience and manage feedback or questions in a timely manner, and/or to ensure the information you’re putting out there is helpful, honest, and authentic.

Now it’s your turn, ready set goal! Comment below and tell us what goals you have for your social media efforts.