What We Learned: No 2

Last week I talked about industry hashtags, graphic overlays, and conferences galore. This week I want to share with you my thoughts on saving money, establishing trust, and the importance of having a website!

image c/o Ashley Keleman

Paying to Play

A question we frequently get asked at social studio is whether or not we think it's beneficial to pay for ads and boosted posts on Facebook. Almost always, my answer is — no! Now, before you go off on a rant claiming that "organic reach" is dead, hear me out! The reason I don't recommend paying to play on Facebook is because in most instances, the ROI (return on investment) is just not worth it for our socialites. Rarely does our audience have an extra $20 bucks just sitting around to go toward social media posts in hopes that it may increase the reach of their accounts and/or their posts.

"Don't Pay to Play — take control by knowing what works for YOU!" (Tweet this!)

I read a great post about increasing your organic reach last week by Jen Dewar. In the article, Jen states that we can take back control of our Pages' success by paying attention to what works with our individual and unique audiences. For those of you who follow our blog, we talk about how you can do this by using Facebook Insights here and here. When you have a true understanding about the type of content that your followers prefer to see, you can encourage engagement and up your organic reach by sharing what resonates with them.

Responding to Comments

I've always felt that if someone takes the time to interact with you and speak to you on social media, that it's in your best interest to respond to them and preferably in a timely manner! By doing so, you are directly inviting your followers into a conversation which offers a personal connection and a one-on-one interaction. Additionally, when you respond to comments you gain valuable customer/follower insight and are able to continue to build on your relationship while encouraging trust.

"Invest in your audience and they will invest in you!" (Tweet this!)

If you're interested about learning more about growing your following and making real connections online check out our upcoming Virtual Networking Twitter webinar!

Why You Need a Website

As you now know, it is possible to increase your organic reach on Facebook. That being said, it's not always fool-proof and let's face it, not all of your audience is going to see all the content that you post. This fact brings me to my last lesson learned this week, which is the importance of having your OWN website.

When you own your own business, it's vital that your audience be able to find you. For SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, just having a Facebook Page or other social media accounts isn't enough to rank you on the first page of Google. If you really want your intended audience to find you, you need to have a website.

It's also important to note here that when you do create your own self-hosted site, you then have complete control and ownership over all of your content. The same can not be said for posting on social platforms. For instance, if Facebook (God forbid) were to tank someday, your presence would be gone. We don't want that! Keep the ownership and fate of your work in your hands by taking the time to build a website.