What to Include in the Perfect Social Media Bio

When crafting social media accounts for your business or re-vamping your current ones, the first things that need to be addressed are your a) profile photos and b) your bio/about me sections! After tackling these, you can start integrating new tactics and ideas to your content. Well, in our experience, changing these two simple things can often be easier said than done! You’re ready for these changes but now that you’re staring at that blank “about me” section this can seem a bit daunting. What do you write? How do you define your business or yourself? What’s important & what’s not relevant?

Well, we’ve been there & we’re here to help you construct a beneficial + professional social media bio!


First of all, you need to use keywords in your bio! You can take these words from your SEO keyword list or even just words you use to identify your business. These words will not only help your audience easily recognize what you're all about, they'll also help in search results (specifically on Twitter).


Make sure to include details that make your business stand out. What do you specialize in? What makes your experience authentic and unique?


If you’re funny (we mean realllly funny), this is a great place to inject some humor. (Just kidding about the realllly part!) If you use humor often in your social media posts, your bio is a great place to give an introduction to your unique voice!

Contact Info

Something that we cannot stress enough–your contact information! You cannot leave this out! You have a large group of people who are interested in what your creating on these social handles, don’t leave them hanging! Give them an opportunity to reach out! Include your email, possibly phone number and where you’re located if you’re a brick & mortar (this way people in your area can easily locate you)!


Also include your #brandedhashtag! For example, our branded hashtag is #socialstudioshop. You want to include this because if people are interested in seeing content that your community has cultivated, they can easily check your hashtag to see what you’re all about!

Who's Who?

Lastly, include who’s tweeting! If you have a social media team, share the handles of the people tweeting! This makes your business more relatable & allows interaction on a more personal level.

Now, that blank “about me” section is looking a lot less daunting, right? Go on with your bad selves, tell the world who you are — effectively!