Three Things I Learned at Yellow Conference

From the moment I stepped into Think Tank Gallery, wandering my way up the vibrant floral stairway like Alice in Wonderland (scratch that, Yellowland). I was immersed in a sea of happy, eager, and buzzing creatives and I knew just then that I was “home”.

Looking down I saw a note that felt like it was written especially for me. “You’re in the right place” it said. As a warm smile crept across my face, I moved my gaze to the welcome table, past the entrance way adorned with a variety of funky house plants and on to the incredible photo wall by Keith Burnson. After soaking in the beauty of it all, I thought to myself this place is literally BLOOMING with life.

Three Things I Learned at Yellow Conference by @jessicaehowell via @social_studio

Joanna Waterfall creator of Yellow Conference opened up her welcome speech saying this “when we can become our best selves, that is how we can make a real impact on the world.” From that moment on, I was taken on personal and life changing journey over the following two days.

When we can become our best selves, that is how we can make a REAL impact on the world. (Tweet this!)

Originally when I sat down to write this post, I thought it MIGHT be possible to sum up all the greatness that was Yellow. I truly wanted to get on paper my favorite takeaways from the week but as I started sorting through my notes, I realized it was impossible. How can you sum up one of the greatest experiences of your life? How can I do this justice?

Instead of retelling you my experience, why not share with you what I plan to do moving forward now that everything has changed? There! Phew! That sounds a little more attainable. So, here we go…

House plants and Three Things I Learned at Yellow Conference by @jessicaehowell via @social_studio

Write More

To say that I enjoyed the speakers at Yellow Conference would be a MAJOR understatement. Four of them actually brought me to tears… multiple times! One of the speakers, Sean McCabe was especially interesting to me. Initially I thought the topic of “how to overcome the fear of writing” really had nothing to do with me but once I started to actually LISTEN to what Sean had to say, I was fascinated.

When he said the words “share what you learn and teach everything you know” I felt like we were some kind of soulmates (not the lovey dovey kind, I adore my husband, but the “I get you, and you get me” kind of soulmates). That is one of the MAIN reasons I started Social Studio Shop and I could not have been more grateful for this wonderfully beautiful reminder.

Share what you learn and teach everything you know. (Tweet this!)

So here I am Sean, you recommended we commit to showing up (writing) every day, and guess what? I’m at 426 words already! Today I’m making a promise to myself and to the SSS family that I will do my best to write every single day and share with you every single thing that I know and learn about social media.

Tote bag by Vardagen | Three Things I Learned at Yellow Conference by @jessicaehowell via @social_studio

Set Goals

It’s funny when you spend your career telling others how they can become more intentional online but then you forget to take your own advice sometimes. Moving forward, I will be creating quarterly goals for myself and for the company thanks to Krysta Masciale’s advice on getting one step closer to achieving success. This quarter my goal is to care more and refocus on my purpose.

Care + Refocus

There you go Krysta, I wrote it down, so now it’s time to make it happen right?! So how am I going to care more and refocus? What are my daily action items going to be? Well for starters, I’m beginning the day writing. So far, I think this has really been a great exercise to get me to SLOW the heck down. I spend a lot of time just trying to cross everything off my list during the week. I forget that this whole thing, owning my own business was a choice. I GET to do this for a living. I GET to chat on social media with c̶l̶i̶e̶n̶t̶s̶friends I’ve made all over the country. I GET to help others rise above the noise, become intentional and authentic with their social presence. I GET to help others make their dreams happen. How lucky am I?

So there you have it, my goal for the quarter, now it's time for me to develop and real plan on how we're going to get there. I’m excited to talk with our team this week to figure out the things we can begin to focus on and put into action to show our audience that we truly care.

I can honestly say that Yellow Conference transformed me from the inside out. I left with a clear understanding of my purpose, a new-found sense of appreciation for what I have and what I do, and the direction to become the best version of myself so that I can make a greater impact on the world around me.

Did you attend Yellow? What were your favorite takeaways?