The Kickstarter That Will Save Small Business Owners – Photopop! Box

You know those ideas you hear and you think to yourself, “why has no one ever thought of this before?” Yep. That’s EXACTLY what I thought to myself when I discovered PhotoPop! Box.

And if I’m being totally honest, I even thought, heck, “why didn’t I think of this?” – wink!

That is how great this idea is you guys and I feel so honored to tell you about it!

The all-in-one photography box that will help small business owners and bloggers up their visual marketing game – PhotoPop! Looking for photography tips, photo styling tricks, look no further! Click through to learn more.

What is PhotoPop! Box?

This ingenious idea was thought of by my sweet and talented friend Theresa Delaney. Theresa brings to the visual marketing world a triple threat background in branding, graphic design, and copywriting. After quitting her 9-5 life in February of this year, Theresa began to immerse herself in the small business community.

Reaching out to other entrepreneurs and small shop owners over Facebook groups, Theresa quickly realized an issue that most creatives all had in common, poor visual marketing. Those working in the small business world were all trying to promote themselves, but they weren’t sure how to do it in a visually aesthetic way that would catch their audience's attention and ultimately generate more growth for their brands.

PhotoPop! box is the best way to create high-quality, on-brand images that promote and sell your product or service

Interested? So was I!

Watch their incredible Kickstarter video to learn more...

How It Works

Of course after Theresa started explaining the idea to me, I had to know more! I knew she was on to something major that would immediately be of value to fellow small business owners, bloggers, and specifically our audience. So, I sat down and interviewed her and found out how the PhotoPop! box experience will work.

Originally Theresa wanted to create custom boxes for each customer but after researching suppliers, she found out that process was just not feasible and it would not scale. Immediately she knew she had to figure out two things…

  • How can we get this product out there ASAP?
  • How can we serve the most amount of people right off the bat?

From there she honed in on four different boxes to start. The customer will begin by selecting what industry they belong to: “Lifestyle” or “Business”. Then they will select their brand personality, which focuses on their unique color style. The choices then being “Feminine”, which includes florals and pastels, and “Classic”, which includes black and white, simple patterns, and pops of jewel tones.

What’s Included in Photopop! Box?

The four separate boxes will all include the tools you need to setup a photograph (backdrop, reflector, clamp, etc.), 3-4 props to style your photos, and most importantly the PhotoPop! Guidebook. The Guidebook features 40 contributors, including social media experts, successful small shop owners, photographers, and professional stylists all sharing their top tips for photography.

The all-in-one photography box for small business owners and bloggers! | What's included in PhotoPop! box?

The 3-4 props they will provide are not just your average “styled desktop” objects. No, no! PhotoPop! box goes above and beyond and believes in the value of community over competition. They plan to further support the small business community by paying their vendors what they are worth, purchasing at wholesale so everyone wins, and making sure each customer knows exactly who involved with each box by including a card and details about their suppliers.

They Need Our Help

Now if you’re like me, you’re dying to have this Kickstarter succeed! Seriously you guys, this is not another “fund my potato salad” scheme (that actually happened and I don’t get it). This is something that will have a REAL impact on the world we live in as small business owners and bloggers by helping us accomplish our dreams.

If you're interested in seeing this incredible project succeed, help Theresa bring PhotoPop! box to life by donating to their Kickstarter campaign here! If you can’t financially back this project, no problem! A simple share on social media would take a brief moment of your time and make such an impact.

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Photos and video c/o PhotoPop!

Jessica Howell