Five Takeaways from Our Photography Workshop

Although we like to think of ourselves, as pretty seasoned photographers (check out our background stories here), it's always nice to get a little refresher! And that's exactly what we did this past weekend at our photo mini with Cavin Elizabeth Photography! For those of you who couldn't join us this weekend, you're in luck! Today we're going to share our favorite takeaways from the class...

Five ways to make your photographs better. Tips by @CavinElizabeth (Tweet this!)

Picking A Camera

The best camera is the one that's with you. — Chase Jarvis

Okay this is something we get hung up on all too frequently. As a past photography student, and photographer by day, our team can get carried away with focusing (get it) too much on the technical aspects. What we loved most about this mini is that Cavin catered her tips to non-photogs. She brought to light (we couldn't resist this one!) the importance of working with what you have and utilizing whatever camera (iPhone, DSLR or point and shoot) to the best of your ability.

Less is more

Whether you're composing an image or editing a photo, less is more! Focus on decluttering your frame by removing items that are unnecessary to the story that you are trying to tell. Remember before snapping that image to slow down and take a moment to scan the entire frame from edge to edge. Are all the elements significant to the image? Then after capturing your photo, keep in mind that a great image doesn't need all the filters under the sun. Your edits should enhance your image, not to try and fix it!

It's Subjective

Every eye is different, photography is subjective. — Cavin

Something we go back and forth with especially while working collaboratively, is that every eye is different. We may have one image that our founder Jessica loves, and then come to find that our BD, Elana can't stand it. We were delighted to see Cavin speak to this phenomenon as it's something we encounter with social media. It's important when photographing that you focus on finding your preference, your style, and your unique eye. Similar to experimenting in the way that you post on social media — test out different angles, frames, exposures, and lighting scenarios to determine what works for you.

Be Deliberate

This tip goes hand-in-hand with less is more. One thing we could all do is work on being more intentional about the way we photograph. Especially in the era of social media when all we want to do is post everything right. this. second. Keep in mind it's okay to step back and take a break! Once you capture something, maybe save the editing for later. In most instances, this will help you come back with a refreshed eye and let you see your work more clearly.

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

We're kind of obsessed with this one. Toward the end of class, Cavin pointed out that rules are meant to be broken. Sure, it's possible to create good images from the traditionalist principles like the rule of thirds. But, you can create great images by bending breaking those rules and experimenting with your own esthetic. Try filling the majority of your frame with negative space. Test out high contrast and funky focal points. After all, photography is subjective! You never know what magic you might accidentally capture!