How to Actually Stay Productive While Working from Home

I’m naturally a homebody, so when I learned I’d be working from home, I did a happy dance. Working in my pajamas and having a zero-minute commute sounded just lovely. After working from home for about month now, I’m learning the ins and outs, the ups and downs. If you have recently started working from home or are considering the switch from cubicle to crib, you’re going to want to read on for some tips and tricks!

Get Dressed

Jumping right into your to-do list while still in your pajamas sounds great, but chances are, your best work won’t be done when you just want to snuggle. I don’t know about you, but I always feel better about myself when I put on a cute outfit and a little makeup. It’s nice to feel like a human even if you aren’t going to see a lot of them. Plus, if you happen to have an appointment outside the “office” or need to run some errands, you’re ready to go!

Have a Routine

Make yourself a daily schedule of when you plan to do certain tasks or focus on certain projects. Give each item a time frame and then stick to the plan. This will help your mind from wandering too far off when there are household chores or a fully-loaded DVR waiting around the corner. It’s also a good idea to schedule in a couple short breaks or a longer lunch break so you don’t forget to look up from the computer screen every now and then.


It is so easy to stay in one place all day and get rather lazy when you don’t have to travel to the office. Sometimes walking to the kitchen seems like a trek. But getting up and moving, whether it’s for an hour-long workout or just a quick walk to the mailbox, is really important. It will make your body so much happier.

Expert tip: If you know you get lost in your work or tend to get lazy throughout the day, try downloading an app that will remind you! Stand Up and Move are both great options from the Apple App Store!

Don't Work From Bed

I have to admit, I don’t always abide by this one. While I usually don’t start my work day from bed, sometimes after eating lunch or shifting in my desk chair too many times, I take to the comfort of my cozy bed with my laptop. But in general, it’s not a good idea to work in the place you sleep. It makes both sleeping and working more difficult because your body will associate both activities with that setting and it might get confused. Create a workspace that is specifically for work that will keep you organized and inspired. It will make “going to work” a much more enjoyable experience. Be sure to tidy up your space at the end of each day to make the next day enjoyable to start as well!

Mark the End of the Day

Whether it’s turning off your computer, making yourself a cocktail, or taking the dog on a walk, add an end-of-day routine into working from home. This will create a nice transition from the work day to home life where you can unwind. Stop working at the same time everyday and find an activity that makes sense for you.

If you’re one of those people working in an office 9 to 5 and then doing what you really love once you’re off the clock, these working-from-home tips won’t work the same for you. And first of all, I just want to say, I respect your hustle and hope you get to do what you’re passionate about full time very soon! Keep chasing your dream and don’t forget these helpful hints if you end up working from home someday!