Socialite of the Month - Christie Loves Flora

Happy September! We're back this month with another fabulous Socialite to introduce you to! We're getting social with blogger Christie Lawrence, one of our San Diego workshop Socialites. Christie is the creative force behind Christie Loves Flora, a life + style blog that shares her adventures in fashion, life + family. 

Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you do!

Hello!  I’m a wife and mama of two living in San Diego.  I work in the corporate world of finance as part of a wealth management team during the day, but outside of the office you can find me soaking up the outdoors with my family or taking in live music.  At night I manage a life and style blog called Christie Loves Flora.

Christie Loves Flora Social Studio Shop

How do you think your best friends would describe you?

I think they’d say I have a relaxed, easy going attitude, someone who likes to laugh and go with the flow.  Hopefully a supportive friend and that I don’t take myself too seriously. And that I like a cold beer!

Before getting together with Social Studio Shop, what were your biggest struggles with social media?

Not being in the creative field I think I had a fear of putting myself out there in my own creative way.  I was also lacking focus and didn’t have a clear vision of my online presence.  The greatest thing I got out of Social Studio Shop was being with a group of creatives all empowering each other to show their unique selves and to just be you. Along with getting invaluable tips on creating a theme, being consistent with that theme and your online presence. As well as understanding how important it is to be engaged with others within your online community.

Christie Loves Flora Social Studio Shop

Since starting your social media journey, what has been the biggest change you’ve seen in your brand?

Continuing on that theme, I’ve seen my online presence become much more engaged that it was in that past. I’ve also seen my presence grow to a point where I’ve had a lot of opportunities to partner with brands and a lot of opportunities to meet people who are passionate about growing your business through social media.  Attending the Social Studio Shop workshop really helped me step out of my comfort zone, which in turn has opened up doors that may not have been available before.

Any exciting news you want to share with our readers?

I’ve recently partnered up with RewardStyle, which is an affiliate link that gives me the opportunity to monetize my blog and Instagram.  When I first started blogging I was mainly just seeking a personal, creative outlet, so it’s been fun to see where I started and now see that it could become more.

Where can our audience connect with you?

Email | Instagram | website

Thanks for having me!

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