Socialite of the Month - Audrey Kuether

We're getting social with our January Socialite of the Month, Audrey Kuether of the Oh So Lovely Blog! As one of our Kansas City Socialites, Audrey attended our 2015 workshop where she learned about social media, engagement, and how to bring a level of community to her brand. Keep reading to see what she has been up to!

Hi there! Tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you do!

Hello! I’m a graphic designer, home and DIY blogger, and photographer. I also do a monthly DIY TV segment on KCTV5. I ran my company (Oh So Lovely Creative) and blog (Oh So Lovely Blog) as side hustle since 2010, and recently left my corporate career to work for myself and Hello Big Idea full-time. Big, exciting leap!

How do you think your best friends would describe you?

I’d guess my friends would describe me as funny, hardworking, creative, and a little bit quirky, ha.

So you’re a past Social Studio Shop Socialite. Can you tell our audience a little bit about what products or services you’ve participated in with what and us your experience was with those?

I attended the SSS social media workshop in Kansas City in the summer of 2015, and learned so much valuable information. All of my social interactions immediately became much more meaningful and conversational, and I’ve experienced a nice, steady growth because of that.  I also met some amazing girl bosses who I still keep in touch with today. It was an amazing experience!

Before getting together with Social Studio Shop, what were your biggest struggles with social media?

I wasn’t being as authentic and conversational as I should have been, and wasn’t getting a lot of interaction. I was doing the bare minimum, and not seeing much growth. After the workshop I worked on fixing that, and I also started to share other people’s work/posts/wins. That really helped build more of a community feeling, which I love.

Since starting your social media journey, what has been the biggest change you’ve seen in your brand?

I’ve noticed much more of a community feel, and have gained some very loyal readers/followers, who have helped share my content, and support me along the way. It means so much to me! I love the connection.

Any exciting news you want to share with our readers?

I’ve had some posts gain some traction by simply tagging larger companies. I’ve had mentions and follows from Target, Oh Joy, IKEA, Larson Doors, HGTV, and more. Some working relationships and collaborations have resulted because of that, and it’s been so exciting and rewarding for me.

Where can our audience connect with you?

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | PinterestBlo