Social Studio Shop One Year Anniversary + Giveaway

Holy cow you guys! This little baby of ours is turning O N E today!!! I kid you not– I totally have butterflies in my stomach writing this post! Whewwww stick with me because it may be an emotional one!

Last year this time I was hyperventilating (this is no exaggeration) in my living room with my husband next to me freaking out and hysterically saying “I can’t do this!”

Let me paint the picture for you…

One Year Ago Today

I had just finished a very LONG and tiresome day of workshop prep with my dear friend Avery, who helped me host our very first workshop. I was exhausted, excited, but most of all, extremely nervous. I couldn’t get the possible image of our socialites confused and frustrated out of my head. Who was I kidding?! I can’t teach!

It wasn’t the training material I was worried about– I knew we had something incredible and unique from the start. But, I couldn’t for the life of me, gather the confidence in myself to feel ready and capable. My anxiety was snow-balling…

Who’s going to listen to me? What if they don’t learn anything? What if I can’t answer their questions? I can’t do this!

As not-so-cute tears streamed down my face, my husband held me and said, “Jess, this right here is an example of why you will be so successful. You put your heart and soul into this. You know what you’re talking about and you’re here to help others. You will rock this!”

I took a deep breath. I wiped the tears from my face and decided then and there– I WAS going to rock this!

Since Then...

The last year has been a complete whirlwind!

Here’s the breakdown:

And last but not least–

  • We had the incredible opportunity to meet some of the most inspiring and amazing women we have ever known!

Goosebumps and all, we cannot thank everyone enough who has helped us get to this monumental point in our business. This journey would not be possible if it weren’t for our wonderful socialites, our incredible community of devoted followers, and our supportive sponsors!

YOU are the reason we get to do what we are so passionate about day in and day out. YOU are what drives the motivation of this company and YOU are why we created Social Studio Shop– to be a resource to help YOU connect genuinely with your audience.

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To celebrate this exciting moment and thank you for all your love and support over this past year, we would like to offer you a special giveaway!

(2) Five FREE Webinars– Worth $100+!

We will be giving away one set (five webinars included) to two lucky winners!

One for our first year in business and two for an exciting year to come!

This prize includes these awesome webinars:

9 Things You Need to Make Your Business or Blog Legit

5 Ways to Increase Your Engagement on Instagram

How to Run Successful Giveaways on Social Media

Developing a Purpose-Driven Hashtag Strategy

Photography + Photo Styling Webinar

* For the webinars that have previously been hosted we will send you the details to watch the recordings. For webinars that are coming up later this year, you will have access to attend the live sessions!

 You can enter to win now through Friday, November 6 at 11:59 pm PT.

See below to enter– good luck!