Social Studio Shop Instagram Q/A #1

Instagram Q/A

In case you missed our super fun (and first time ever) Instagram Q/A last week, this post is for you! I’m going to recap all the questions that were asked and dive in a little deeper into some of the answer we gave away.

We’ll also be taking this time to give some social shout outs to our lovely friends who stopped by to hang out with us. Please please please give these people some love and head over to their accounts because without their curious minds, these answers may not be available to you!

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Here we go!

We hosted a Q/A on Instagram. Here are the questions we were asked and the answer we gave including tips for Instagram ads, tips for bloggers on how to get brand sponsorship and collaborations, three quick Twitter tips to grow your following, how to grow your Instagram following, how to brand yourself on Instagram, websites we suggest for blogging, and more! Pin now, read later!

Jacqueline Ann asks,

Where are you based out of, what do you do?!

I was pleasantly surprised by this question. We get a lot of new faces hanging around our Instagram account daily (an average of 19 new followers a day!) so for all you newbie socialites out there, here’s a bit about us...

We are home-based out of San Diego where I live. That being said, our company works 100% virtually. I work from home with my furry assistant Gracie girl, Elana our business developer is based in Salt Lake City, Crystal our community manager is up in Washington, Tiffany our content manager is here with me in San Diego, and our graphic designer, Michelle is in Texas.

Through our social media marketing workshops and webinars, we help boss babes all over the country bring intention to their social media efforts by crafting effective and purpose-driven strategies. We help others drive more traffic to their website/blog, connect on a deeper more authentic level with their audience, transition followers into advocates, and get more eyes on their content. Most importantly, we help others post with a purpose, have a clear understanding of how their time spent online is directly benefiting them, and assisting to foster communities which help them rise above the noise.

Maggie asks,

Do you have any tips for Instagram ads?

Oh boy, this is a really heavy handed topic and one that we truthfully don’t know enough about at the moment. We do know that on September 30, Instagram is opening up their ad platform to EVERYONE! Brands will be able to create ads using landscape photos and videos up to 30 seconds long. There will be this crazy new thing called Marquee which will probably cost a lot (it’s a premium product) but will be good for those wanting to drum up massive awareness in a short time period (good for product launches), and you’ll have the ability to optimize and manage your ads efficiently across Facebook and Instagram.

Now, I promise we will try to look more into this. If you’re curious, you can checkout Instagram’s post here for more details. Paid marketing is NOT something we currently use as a company but as we continue to grow, my interest in it continues to grow and if we can get to a point where it makes sense for us to look into, I promise you we will share with you our knowledge.

For now, check out our friend, Sue B Zimmerman – she’s pretty excited about this and will likely have more details soon!

Paloma Lowe of Anxious Traveler asks…

How do you reach out to a company about working with them to give products they make away via contests on your blog/Instagram?

Check out this post >>> How to Get Brand Sponsorship and Collaborations

Alison (my dear sweet friend) asks…

What are your top 3 quick tips to growing a Twitter following?

  1. Use Twitter lists

  2. Attend Twitter chats (ahem have you checked out #socialstudiochat?)

  3. Follow people

  4. Share other’s content

I gave you four because I adore you! ;)

Kathryn Gillespie Smith asks…

How do you grow an Instagram following + what are your tips for consistent branding?

See last two tips above! For staying consistent with your brand, I recommend taking the time to jot down 3-5 words that describe your brand. Then think, how can you represent those visually? Moving forward when you create new content (photos, graphics, videos, etc.), ask yourself, am I reflecting those keywords/visuals?

I would also suggest two of our upcoming webinars that go further into detail about both of these topics...

Katherine Orphey asks…

What platform would you suggest to use for creating a personal website (not necessarily just a blog but resume, some professional work, blog, etc.)? Also any tips for "must haves" on a site?

James also asked a similar question about what website platform we prefer.

Honestly I used to be a Wordpress enthusiast but just this year when we as a company needed to employ payment plans and multiple purchase pages, I started getting super frustrated with all the complex bells and whistles from WP. Sure the customization was wonderful (you can do almost anything you want on a WP site), but at some point, we just needed something simple, clean, and user-friendly. Cue, Squarespace (also known as an entrepreneurs best friend). I can’t speak more highly of this platform. I actually think my love for it deserves it’s own post. For now, I urge you to test out the free two week trial. Pro tip: you can ask them to extend your trial for as long as you want. This is perfect for those of us who take a longggg time to consider something (cough, cough, me!)

As far as must-haves go: links to your social media profiles, an about me page with a killer bio photo, contact information, list of your services if you have them, and copyright details!

Chloe Luka Photography asks…

Do you suggest separate accounts for Instagram (personal and a business account) or merging into one combining business and personal? I’m a wedding photographer and want my clients to know who I am but have a hard time with consistent, ‘pretty’ images to encourage new followers!

LOVE this question! It’s one we often get asked at our two-day social media marketing workshop. Ultimately the decision is all yours to make. I can tell you as a newlywed who selected a photographer recently that for me, yes, I wanted to make sure the photog could create stunning images but truth-be-told, that’s what a website is for. Your social channels should absolutely be used to showcase your work but more often times then not, what you consider your “best” work and what your clients consider your best, are two very different things. Photography is subjective. As a potential customer, it was just as important for me to know who the photographer was to the core. I want to know that the two of us can get along, have some laughs, and have things in common. I already know that they can create killer images before I go to social media, at this point, they’ve already sold me on that. Here now, I want to see what fuels their passions, what they like to do, who they REALLY are.

Now, I also know the value for showing quality content. Especially on Instagram and ESPECIALLY if you’re a professional photographer. I would encourage fellow photogs to go ahead and showcase pieces about them and their life. Just make sure that you are brining those pieces in on the same high quality playing field. That does not mean that I recommend you shoot everything with a DSLR. Smartphones are fantastic these days, we use them a lot too. Just make sure those smartphone images are intentional and align with your professional aesthetic. That way, you will stay consistent and offer a visually cohesive “look”. Some accounts we recommend checking out that do this well, Shelby Rae Photographs and Jodee Debes.

Quills On Point asks…

Is there a preferred platform you guys like to use when creating fashion collages?

I don’t necessarily create collages these days. I used to create round ups when I was a lifestyle blogger back in the day and I would use Photoshop but these days there are some GREAT tools out there like Canva and Instagram’s Layout.

Hope that helps! If there’s any fashion bloggers reading this. Feel free to comment below with your suggestions or better yet, connect with them on Instagram and share your knowledge!

That’s it folks! It was a very fast and exciting hour. Keep an eye out for our next Q/A in October!

Now, I actually have a question for you all…

We need your help!

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