Rich Pins and How to Use Them

Earlier this week our good friend, Cavin sent us an email about how she could have her favicon show up on her pins. Easy! Well... sort of. Easy explanation at least. ;)

What are Pinterest Rich Pins? How can you use them to get more repins and drive more traffic to your blog? Awesome tips for entrepreneurs and bloggers! Click through to learn more.

Rich Pins

Favicons become available on pins when you have enabled 'Rich Pins' for your site.

Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. — Pinterest

Currently, there are five different types of Rich Pins and each one of them includes a different set of characteristics for each pin.


Includes a map, address, and phone number. These pins could be a good option for businesses in the travel industry or travel bloggers who want to share their fave spots.


Our fave type of Rich Pins! These babes include an article headline, author, favicon from your website (if available), and a story description.


If you have an e-commerce site, these are the pins for you! Product pins include real-time pricing (awesome if you have sales!), product availability, and information about where customers can purchase. Additionally, these pins send notifications to customers when products drop in price. How cool is that?!


Are you a foodie blogger like our girl, Whitney Bond? You'll for sure want these pins in your toolbox! Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times, serving information, and increase the possibility for your pins to be found in Pinterest's search.


For all you movie-buffs out there, these cinematic pins are for you. Movie pins include ratings, cast details, and viewer reviews.

How to Use Them

Similar to sharing a link on FB, if you have Rich Pins enabled on your site, these extra bits of information will automatically be pulled through to your pins via your site. Bear in mind, you will need to verify the data, then submit each Rich Pin for approval.

To verify the data you can do it in one of two ways.

The Techy Way

For those of you techy peeps, you may be able to verify using meta tags following these steps. If you have difficulty with any of these steps, we recommend contacting your web developer or continue reading for the easy way out...

The Easy Way

If that process is too complicated for you (no judgement here) — take the easy route! For this method you will need to start by downloading an SEO plugin. We like SEO by Yoast! Once you have downloaded and activated this plugin, you can include the necessary data like, title and description. Next you need to follow these steps to complete the verification...

  • Copy the URL of the article, product, recipe etc.
  • Navigate to the Rich Pin Validation page.
  • Paste the URL into the "Enter a valid URL" field.
  • Click Validate.

Voila! Your Rich Pin is validated! Now it's time to apply. To finish the process, all you have to do is click "Apply Now".

Keep in mind, this process can take a couple days. Once Pinterest has approved your Rich Pin, they will get back to you and let you know when the pin is available on Pinterest.