The Power of Competition: Using Pages to Watch

In order to have a successful business, you have to constantly keep an eye out on your competitors. It’s helpful to stay up to date with new trends and borrow then test out their successful tactics. Now with Pages to Watch, you can achieve all of this on your Facebook Page within Facebook Insights.

How It Works

When your Facebook page has over 100 likes you can then enable the Pages to Watch feature. From here you can select other Facebook pages similar to yours and continually track their page likes, how often they post, and the amount of engagement they are getting from their audience.

So why is this important for you and your page?

By tracking a similar page to yours, they most likely have a similar demographic audience who would react the same as yours. Seeing what kind of posts work for them is a great tool to figure out what might work for you. Under ‘Posts’ you are even able to see the top posts of the other pages. This can give you ideas for your page and keep you updated with what the audience might want. You can change your own tactics knowing what will or wont work.

Additionally, you can assume that your competitors, whether they are direct or indirect, that they likely have some if not all of the same goals of your organization. By using Pages to Watch you can keep tabs on your competitors and how they are interacting with their audience. You will then be able to gain a better understanding for how your business or blog differs from your competition and how you can make your unique strengths stand out.

Keep in Mind

Choose the right pages to follow that can really benefit you. Currently Facebook only allows you to follow six pages at one time, including your own. So when picking, aim for pages that have similar goals and demographics as yours. Also you want to make sure that although you may find certain content works well for your competitors, social media is not a one size fits all solution. You need to constantly keep your content fresh and original. Continue to test out different methods, content, and ideas, to really get a better understanding of what resonates with your unique audience.