5 Podcasts For Entrepreneurs + Dream Chasers

In case you didn’t get the memo, podcasts are in right now! I mean they’re huge! You can find a podcast on pretty much anything! And if you’re anything like us, you like to make the most of your time and learn as much as you possibly can! Knowledge and inspiration only make you better at what you do! Am I right?

So forget about following Taylor Swift’s love life on your spare time, start your mornings with an episode of your favorite podcast and a cup of coffee or listen to one of these babes the next time you’re stuck in traffic! And if you’ve never really been into the whole podcast thing, just give it a try! Trust me, they’re addicting! Just like your favorite Netflix series, you’ll never want them to end. And hello, they’re free!

podcasts for entrepreneurs and dream chasers

Need a dose of inspiration? Check out some of our favorite podcasts -

The Lively Show

Hosted by the lovely Jess Lively, this podcast “is designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra intention to your everyday.” I would describe The Lively Show as a feel-good, lifestyle podcast and I would highly recommend starting your day with it! If yoga was a podcast, this would be it! Although every episode isn’t directly related to entrepreneurship, each episode is about self evaluation and how to become a better YOU!

Warning: Get ready to be introduced to a TON of inspiring people!

The Power of We

The Power of We is an audio series created by our dear friend Kayla Hollatz on building a sustainable and organic community. In each episode, Kayla invites a community builder to discuss how they’ve used Periscope, mailing lists, Twitter chats, etc. to build and grow their online community.

Oh hey! Be sure to check out Episode Three on “Making Intimate Connections With Your Target Audience Through Instagram” featuring our very own, Jessica Howell!

She Percolates

First of all, She Percolates hosts, Jen + Danielle, are hilarious! And they’re here to tell you that success looks different for everyone. They invite women to share their stories and share what success means to them. If you’re thinking about starting your own business or feel stuck in anyway, give this one a listen!

Elise Gets Crafty

Elise Gets Crafty is a podcast for creative small business owners. And what I love about Elise Gets Crafty is that it’s geared specifically towards CREATIVE businesses. They cover how to market your creative business, how to deal with creative burnout, developing your craft, etc. Every episode features a creative and let me tell you… they get REALLY specific! If you’re a blogger of creative, definitely check this one out!

Being Boss

Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs hosted by Emily + Kathleen. And these girls are an absolute blast to listen to! They’re able to cover the real challenges of being a boss while keeping it light and humorous. Being Boss features a diverse set of experts covering everything from finding balance, making decisions, self care, facing your fears, and everything inbetween.

What podcasts do you LOVE? Tell us in the comments below!

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