How to Outsmart Pinterest's Smart Feed

At our last social studio event, we had a lengthy discussion about how to use Pinterest to extend your brand's reach. Today we're going to share with you a few quick tips on how you can put your best pin forward on Pinterest!

With the introduction of Pinterest's new Smart Feed this August, businesses have had to reconsider their pin strategies. The old Pinterest search engine was time-oriented and always showed the newest pins first. Now, the browser shows you pins based off a new algorithm. This algorithm takes into account three factors to filter pins...

Understanding Pinterest's algorythm – the Smart Feed is vital for your pins' success. If you want to increase your traffic to your blog, website, products or services, this is a must read! Small business owners, social media marketers, bloggers, listen up! This post is for you! Click through to learn more.
  • quality of pins
  • pin source
  • pin rating

"High-quality Pins include awesome images, minimal text, no borders, and helpful pin descriptions." (Tweet this!)

Pins that have a high-quality appear at the top of the Pinterest queue and stay there as long as the pin receives interactions (repins, likes, and comments). A pin is considered to have a "good source" if people often pin or repin content from a certain website or blog. Finally, the most confusing factor, pin rating, is determined by Pinterest's content generator. If you're interested in getting lost in the technical aspects of this, we recommend checking out this link. For those of you who prefer the less techy cliff notes version, stay here!

Basically, the content generator filters pins based on what's "best" for the Smart Feed. Best is determined on the current pin performance and how other pins from that source are doing. Confused yet? No worries! That's what we're here for! Follow these tips to outsmart the Smart Feed.

Four ways to increase your Pinterest reach by @social_studio (Tweet this!)

Get Visual

Because of its scrolling design, vertical images always perform better on Pinterest than horizontal or square images. Create pin-worthy images to fit within the Pinterest ratio which is 2:3. If you're images don't fit within this ratio, consider cropping them in Photoshop or any other photo editing software.

Don't Stuff!

Using keywords in your pin descriptions is a great way to increase that pin's reach, but make sure you're not over stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the practice of loading a pin or webpage with common words in an attempt to manipulate search results. Instead, focus on using certain keywords to better describe what a pin is all about so your followers are prompted to learn more from the pin source.

Extra tip: include descriptions with keywords in your website images' "Alt Text". This way, when people go to pin your images, descriptions are readily available

Pin It!

Going along with our previous tip, adding a "Pin It" button to your website helps your followers grow your Pinterest reach for you. We recommend this WordPress plugin for custom buttons.

Check It

Last but not least, be sure to always check your pins. Especially when you're pinning from an outside source! To stay in good graces in the Smart Feed you'll want to make sure all of your pins are from a reputable source. Don't be fooled by Pinterest spammers. Often times, they'll snag an image and edit the source to take you to something completely different from the actual pin. See where you can edit the source below...

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