New Year, New Goals!

2015 is going to be a big year for us here at social studio! Before we start the new year we wanted to take some time and map out a few plans that we have for the next twelve months...


So many of our followers have asked us if we do workshops outside of San Diego. Well socialites, you heard it here first! In 2015 we're taking social studio across the country. We're planning out our future shops now. If you have a city you'd like us to make a stop at, leave a comment below with your request.


We LOVE connecting with all of you talented and inspiring babes! Whether online or in-real-life, we have so much fun getting to know you, swapping stories, and sharing our passions, struggles, and dreams together. In 2015 we're making it our goal to connect with more of you on an individual level.

At the same time we want to be able to offer spaces for you all to chat in a group setting. We're planning a few get-togethers, happy hours, and virtual parties so we can all have a chance to meet, greet, and connect! Stay tuned for more dets...


2015 is going to be the year of growth for social studio. We're currently accepting applications for a business developer who will help take our company to the next level. This year we hope to expand our workshops into webinars (info coming soon about our first webinar!), mini shops (check out our upcoming photography mini) , and possibly even video!


Last but certainly not least, one of our top resolutions for 2015, is to just enjoy ourselves. We're some of the very lucky few who get to wake up every single day and do what we love. Sure we may have off days here and there, but when all is said and done, we have the best jobs EVER! We get to help you all connect with your followers, grow your businesses online, and meet some of the coolest women out there at the same time! #blessed

What are your goals for 2015?