Meet Our Interns: Gaby

Remember last week when we sat down with Crystal to gab about her internship? Well this week we're talking with Gaby Edmead who's another one of our adorable and simply incredible interns! Gaby's eagerness to learn, fun sense of style, and ability to "fake laugh" on command had us smiling (and snapping pics) for months! She never met a challenge she was too afraid to take on and over all, was a complete joy to work with! Read on to learn about her experience while interning with social studio....

You're originally from San Diego, what are your fave local spots?

My favorite thing about San Diego is the beach, so I love studying and hanging out at coffee shops like Better Buzz that are around that area. And on the weekends, you can definitely find me at brunch in either La Jolla or Pacific Beach.

What are you getting your degree in and what are you most excited/anxious about moving forward with your education?

I’m studying Television, Film, and Media. And now after working a job like this one, I am leaning more towards the media aspect. I’m very anxious about the future because I still don’t know where I’m heading and what kind of job I want to do but that is also the exciting part of it too. I can say for sure that I am heading in the right direction, just unsure of the destination… if that makes sense.

What is your dream job?

Oh gosh, I have no idea. I just know that my dream job isn’t just one job. I want to do many things throughout my life, not just one job forever. So something that involves traveling and requires new things each day. I don’t think I can sit in a cubicle and do the same work everyday.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself in Los Angeles. I have lived in San Diego my whole life and it’s amazing but I don’t see myself living here forever. With my degree in TV and Film, LA is probably the best place for me! And I can still get my dose of beaches.

What have you enjoyed most about working with us?

It has been the most amazing learning opportunity! I love all the amazing girls on the social studio team. Also, I had the pleasure of networking and getting to know some great people who have inspired me. It has been such a great experience.

What are a few things you have learned from your internship?

Not only do I feel like I’ve learned so much social media knowledge but I’ve also learned so much about myself. I developed a new passion for photography and even got my first DSLR camera because of what I learned through this internship. I still don’t know what I want to do career wise exactly, but after this internship, I definitely want to continue down the path of social media and marketing and see what happens. It has sparked a new love!

photo c/o Gaby

What are your five must-have things?

  • My phone, obviously. I’m not too sure how long I could last without it.
  • Chap stick! Nothing is worse that having chapped lips
  • My reusable water bottle- I bring it with me everywhere. I have a weird hydrating obsession, I guess
  • My camera. I recently got a new camera and it’s either in my bag or near me in my car. All my friends know that I’m the friend who tries to take pictures of everything we do.
  • A granola bar or snack. I am the people from the Snickers commercial—I am not myself when I’m hungry so I always have something just in case!

What is your favorite social media network and why?

Instagram! It’s the one I check most frequently because I love how each person I follow has a different vibe for their pictures. But when it comes to posting, I get what my friends call instaxiety. I’m starting to post a lot more now that I’ve been using my new camera and can capture things more like how I want.

How has working with social studio influenced your career and/or your path in school?

I can now say that whatever job path I do choose to take, it will most likely involve social media or marketing aspects. Working with social studio has sparked a passion for me and I’ve gained all the right knowledge about it. And I know I want to continue to learn and increase my knowledge with it. There is always something new to learn.