Meet Our Interns: Crystal

The past three months we have had the pleasure to meet and work with some of the most adorable (and beyond ambitious) interns! Their hard work and dedication has made our jobs and our lives easier and more enjoyable. Today we're getting social with one of our marketing interns, Crystal Hwang! Crystal's quick social sense, attention to detail, and creative capabilities has made her such an asset to our team. Read on to learn about her experience while interning with social studio....


You’re from Washington originally, why San Diego?

Besides being able to go to the beach whenever I want? All jokes aside, I moved to San Diego for college. I’ve lived in Washington my whole life and I was looking for something different, and boy, is San Diego different! I pretty much had my heart set on going to college in Southern California. I vacationed here a lot growing up and fell in love with it. I always told my parents I would move here one day and I did! I applied to a few colleges in California and I ended up in San Diego and couldn’t be happier!

Graduation is just a few months away, what are you getting your degree in and what are you most excited/anxious about joining the working force?

I’m graduating with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. This is an exciting and scary time for seniors because we’ve been in school for so long and we’re finally entering the “real world”. This is the most unpredictable my life has ever been and I’m excited to see where this road takes me. But the thing I am looking forward to the most is gaining real experience, because there’s only so much you can learn in a classroom.

What is your dream job?

Wow, that’s hard to say especially when I hear about new jobs all the time. For now, I would say a retail buyer. I think it’s the perfect combination of market research and creativity. Any dream job of mine would have an informal working environment and allow me to travel. I’m also passionate about helping animals. So if I could somehow tie that in with my job, that would be great. I’m still working out the details… Haha.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I have no idea! I try not to think about this too much, because plans always change. At this point I’m focused on staying open-minded to any opportunities that may come up. But generally, I see myself back in Washington with my family, working a creative job that doesn’t require sitting in an office from 9 to 5. And maybe with another cat (or two).

Sounds purrrrfect! What have you enjoyed most about working with us?

Honestly, meeting a much of inspiring people who are passionate about what they do. From the social studio team to our wonderful sponsors and socialites. There’s always so much positive energy coming from them, it kind of motivates us all.

What are a few things you have learned from your internship?

  • The power of networking--We’ve connected with so many creatives and entrepreneurs who shared their expertise, allowing us to consider different perspectives in order to stay innovative. Networking is building a community and supporting each other.
  • Building and maintaining relationships--Because social media is so personal, it’s a great way to build genuine customer relationships, but it doesn’t end there. Like any relationship, it takes work to stay connected!
  • Lots of work!--Whitney Bond, food blogger and guest speak at our last workshop, said one blog post takes her between 8 to 10 hours to create. No one realizes how many hours goes into creating content; I sure didn’t before this internship!

What are your five must-have things?

  1. My cat, Penelope
  2. My iPhone
  3. Endless coffee
  4. My planner
  5. Red velvet cupcakes

What is your favorite social media network and why?

Instagram, hands down. I love that it’s image-oriented which makes scrolling through my feed a breeze. It’s also a great place for brands and individuals to showcase their personality. You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Another feature I love and use all the time is the explore tab. I’ve discovered countless photographers, artists, and cats (haha!) through “exploring” and are some of my favorite accounts to follow.

How has working with social studio influenced your budding career in marketing?

Working with social studio made me realize the importance of social media and that it’s here to stay. Whether you’re in marketing or not, social media is essential for any business because customers expect you to not only be present on social media, but to be active and post quality content. Here at social studio, we’re all about connecting with new people, building relationships, and keeping in touch with all of our socialites. I’ve learned how important this is for any business and it’s something I will take with me no matter where my career takes me.