How to Make Your Instagram Bio Centered

January 13, 2016 UPDATE: Want to see more awesome examples of centered Instagram bios?

Instagram has totally been stepping up its game and we could not be more excited. We've been obsessed with their latest updates and the new features have had us glued to the app more than ever! With all this extra attention paid to Instagram, we've started to notice a trend that's happening on people's profiles: centered bios. Have you ever come across an Instagram profile with a centered bio and wondered exactly how they do it? Today we're bringing you a quick tutorial to help you achieve the centered bio look.

How To Make Your Instagram Bio Centered (Tweet this!)

Why a Centered Bio?

It's no secret that Instagram can be limiting in terms of customization. There are a few things you can do to make your profile stand out (adding spaces to your Instagram captions, adding custom locations to make your posts stand out, etc.) but a quick and easy way is to center your bio text. It offers a unique visual appeal and helps separate important keywords that your viewers will find easy to read.

How to Do It

Here's how you can get your Instagram bio to look something like this:

1. To make your Instagram bio appear centered, all you have to do is copy the space between the arrows below (make sure you are copying the space between the arrows, not the arrows themselves!)


2. Head on over to your Instagram page via desktop (you can do this using the mobile app but it is MUCH easier from Select the 'Edit Your Profile' button.

3. Edit your bio and paste the spaces before each line of text you would like to be centered. If your text isn't perfectly centered after pasting the space the first time, you can always add or delete more spaces to get the perfect center!

Extra tip: We tested this on our tester account and it worked for the first and second lines just fine. The third line was a little tricky for us. We ended up having to copy/paste over the spaces two times then go back and delete the extras to get it to work.

160 Character Limit

It's important to note that there is a 160 character limit for an Instagram bio so the centered look may not be ideal if you want to include all the factors we recommend in having a good social bio. Centered bios also don't translate very well on the desktop version of the site.

However, if you like the look of a centered bio and are able to make your details (including the spaces) fit within the character limit then you should definitely give it a try!

And there you have it folks! You now have an Instagram bio that is centered, and an account that stands out from the rest!