Maintaining Social Media Relationships with Account Notifications

Maintaining your online relationships and interacting with your key influencers is essential to the growth and success of your brand, but how do you do so without being glued to your device 24/7? Thankfully, I’ve got a few insider tricks to share with you so that you can stay up-to-date and in-touch with your most important accounts!

managing social media relationships with account notifications



Use Facebook ‘lists’ via your personal Facebook account to create separate newsfeeds to organize your favorite accounts in groups. These lists will appear on the left hand of your newsfeed. You can label them based on their occupants (ex. Best Friends, Family, Work, Biz Contacts, etc.).

To create a new list, scroll down to ‘Friends’ on the left side of your newsfeed. Hover here then click ‘more’ and ‘create list.’ Enter the names of those you’d like to add to the list, and then click ‘create.’ You may see that a few ‘Smart Lists’ have already been created for you. According to Facebook, these lists create themselves and automatically stay up-to-date based on profile information you and your friends have in common (ex: work, school, family).


Much like Facebook, Twitter’s ‘List’ feature allows users to create a curated group of users. These lists appear on the top of a profile page (near, ‘likes’). You may create your own public or private lists to organize those you’d like to check-on regularly. You may also subscribe to other’s lists.

To create a list, go to your ‘Lists’ page via your profile page. Next, click ‘Create List’, enter the name of your list (ex. Top Cookie Companies, Best Friends, Social Media in SD, etc.), give a short description and then choose whether or not it will be listed as public or private. Finally, click ‘Save list.’

Next, you’ll need to add accounts to your lists. To do so, visit a profile you’d like to add to the list, click the gear icon drop down menu on the user’s profile and select ‘add or remove from lists.’ A pop-up window will then appear displaying your lists. Check the list(s) you would like to add the user to. If you’re adding or subtracting profiles to a private list, they will not be notified.

To view real-time tweets from those on your curated lists or lists you subscribe to, go to your profile page, click on the ‘lists’ tab, and click on the list you’d like to view. You’ll then be directed to a newsfeed with all the tweets from those on the list you selected.

Maintaining Social Media Relationships with Account Notifications (Tweet This!)


Recently, Instagram introduced a feature which gives users the option to choose to be notified whenever their favorite Instagram users post within the platform. To activate these push notifications for each of your favorite accounts, open the user’s profile page and then tap the triple-dot button in the upper-right-hand corner. Next, tap ‘turn on post notifications’. Now, whenever a photo is posted from this account, you’ll be notified. However, the profile you follow will not be notified when you choose to follow or unfollow them.


The best way to stay current on all of your favorite bloggers is to create an account on a feed aggregator. These platforms allow you to compile your favorite web content into one RSS feed. Here you’re then able organize, share and save blog posts (and articles and videos). You can also use it to discover new, relevant bloggers.  

My favorite FREE feed aggregators are Feedly and Bloglovin.

As you know, social media is all about building communities based on mutually beneficial relationships.  When you’re tight on time, weed out the ‘noise’ and instead focus on maintaining and managing your brand’s relationships with your key audiences and influencers. Remember, when it comes to your brand audience it’s all about quality over quantity.