Keep Calm & social studio shop On!

Last July, I sat down with Avery (remember her? I talked about our weekly work dates here). Anyhow, Avery and I sat down to discuss what was going to be the future name for what is now called "social studio". I originally brought A onto this concept because truthfully I was scared out of my mind. I was terrified to speak in front of an audience, shaking at the thought of being the person people look to for advice, and constantly felling that lump in my throat any time I even considered attempting to teach what is is that I feel most passionate about.

To my relief, A agreed to help me with the first one. After jotting down as many "social" synonyms as possible, and communicating through a thread of 20+ emails, we finally agreed on "the one". social studio encompassed everything I had hoped for — it was obvious that we were all about "being social" without being too kitschy. I also LOVED the word studio. I thought it was hip, to the point, and spoke to the creative soul who I hoped our intended audience would become. As soon as I got the words "social studio" in my head — I could't shake them. They danced in my thoughts and just felt right. So we went with it!

After securing our social handles and a URL we created a logo, then started to get the word out. Since then, the social studio team has transitioned into what it is now and A has launched her own thing (which is incredible! Read all about it here).

A few months passed, we hosted several successful events and that's when I realized that we really had something going here. social studio had been my baby from the very beginning and it was growing. I knew, as any proper m̶o̶m̶m̶y̶ entrepreneur should, that I needed to protect my little one. So I met with a lawyer to discuss trademarking social studio.

Fast-foward to last week when I got "the call"...

My lawyer told me that social studio was already trademarked and if I didn't change it, I could be sued and potentially have all our social media sites wiped out completely. A brief moment of panic raced through me until I thought of a solution. social studio may be taken but what about social studio shop? We already use it as our hashtag and doesn't it just make since? Luckily, it worked! Phew!

So, socialites the reason I am telling you all of this is two-fold. One, so that you know moving forward, we will now be called social studio shop. You can find us at our new virtual home here >>> Two, is that I want you all to know that this same thing could happen to you. Don't let silly hangups like names, colors, or fonts be what stands between you and continuing to do what you love!

The best thing that any of us can do is roll with the punches and move forward with our heads held high. At fist I feared that changing our name would result in a loss of recognition from our audience. Would our followers still feel connected with us? Would they still know who we are?Would they still listen to us? After taking some deep breaths and letting it soak In, I realized the answer is — yes! But not because of a silly name. Our audience will always know who we are and what we're all about because we show them and we never let them forget it. We are social studio shop and we are here for all creatives. We strive to be a resource and aim to cultivate authentic relationships while teaching how to be intentional online.