Instagram Live is Coming - What You Need to Know

Instagram Live is coming! [Insert Game of Thrones reference here]– wink! But unlike Winter, this Instagram update won’t leave you chilled to the bone, that is, if you’re ready for it! Here’s what you need to know about Instagram Live before the update rolls out to you.

Instagram Live is on its way! Click through to read everything you need to know about the newest Instagram feature, how it works, + what you can do once it gets here!

How Does Instagram Live Work?

With the latest Instagram update that rolled out last week along with Instagram Direct Ephemeral, you will soon be able to live broadcast through the Instagram app. If you’ve updated your app to the most-recent version, you should see the Live feature appear in the Instagram Stories camera feature over the next few weeks.

When you go Live on Instagram, the “LIVE” indicator will appear on your Instagram Stories bubble, letting your community know you are currently broadcasting.

image via TechCrunch

Some of your friends who follow you will get a notification that you are Live and will be prompted to tune in. Similar to the Instagram algorithm, Instagram will choose these select friends based off their interest in Live videos. The reason being is that Instagram does not want all your followers to be overwhelmed with notifications everytime someone they follow goes live. While watching, your viewers can tap to heart/like your video and comment.

image via TechCrunch

#socialstudiotip: drive engagement during your Instagram Live videos by telling your community to “tap if they agree” or “comment with questions”. This is a great way to get your peeps excited and engaged throughout your stream which means they’ll feel appreciated and they might stick around longer– win, win for all!

As the broadcaster, you also have the ability to comment on your stream and even pin one of your viewers comments (or your own) to the top of the comment feed. Although, we’re not sure exactly how this will look (or if there is a character limit), this could be a great way to provide a call-to-action to your viewers. Some ideas-

  • Check out this blog post that goes into more details (link in bio!)

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  • Instagram Q/A, comment here with your questions + we’ll answer!

You’ll also be able to block or report anyone who is acting inappropriately or spamming your live videos. Once you’re done broadcasting, your Instagram Live will be deleted immediately. There is no 24-hours to watch, if your community wants to tune in, they have to tune in LIVE. The inability to watch later, can add a sense of urgency which will encourage your audience to tune in now because they won’t have access to it later.

#socialstudiotip: we haven’t tried this yet but you may be able to use third-party recording programs like Reflector 2 to repurpose your Instagram Live videos. If this works, you could utilize your broadcasts on your website, in blog posts and on other social channels too!

Check back here tomorrow for part two - Why Should My Brand Use Instagram Live?