Instagram Tool That Has Us Saying 'YAY!' - Latergramme Review

What are YOUR goals on social media? Ours goals are to get SOCIAL with our connections online, expand our knowledge and community and to get our message out there in the most effective and awesome way possible! Sometimes these goals can get lost in the midst of remembering all the content you need to post, when to post it and what all needs to be included (tags, geo-tags, links, information, etc).

We've finally found a tool that will take some of the pressure off and allow you to get back to those social goals we all have set . . .

Have you been wondering how you can save time by scheduling your Instagram posts? Yes, it's possible, well sort of. Click through to learn how you can schedule your Instagram posts the right way so you don't get your account banned or deleted.

Now, you probably already know, we love Instagram! With a look into a personal side of brands, authentic community conversations and captivating visuals–what's not to love?! Although when it comes to posting, we've been desperately seeking out a formula to keep a consistent flow of our #socialstudiotips, newest information and latest promotions going out on our account!

Finally – it's here. So today, we are sharing all our thoughts on the new Latergramme App!

Since Instagram has become one of the most utilized platforms for businesses and blogs, there has been a need for a simple, effective and user-friendly tool to help manage and schedule images. We knew we could certainly benefit from a more simple system for posting on Instagram and we're thrilled to hear of the launch of Latergramme!


Get Organized
Latergramme is awesome for organizing your Instagram content. It is similar to scheduling on Facebook–allowing you the peace of mind to plan ahead, think out your post intentionally, check for mistakes and to stay on top of things when you're busy. (Which as business owners, when are we not?!)

Loophole Found
This app gets you around Instagram's tight guidelines that DO NOT allow you to schedule posts. Since it's not posting for you, but rather prompting you to post at the time scheduled–no IG rules are broken here!

We Love Free
Did someone say free?! We love free tools–but only when they're great! So we're in luck. Even though it's free, it's laid out well and easy to use.

Desktop Posting
Instagram allows users to view their news feed and browse profiles via desktop but there is no posting allowed! Well, Latergramme has not only a mobile app but also offer a web app which allows you to manage and post your visual content from your desk. Wahoo!

Safe and Sound Content
Before using Latergramme, it was very common for us to put together a post in Instagram (i.e, setup the copy, photo, location, tags) a few minutes before the optimal time we needed to post for that day. Unfortunately, Instagram can cancel out that post if it's been left as a 'draft' - whether it's due to loss of internet connection, or another team member hopping on our account or just an insta-glitch. This meaning you lose everything you've been working on! By setting everything up in Latergramme, it helps you to not lose that post and all it's elements.


Requires Your Attention
With Instagram's strict rules against scheduling, Latergramme will copy your caption to your phone's "clipboard" and auto populate your photo for you after you've programmed it earlier. Meaning, you still have to go through the process of pasting your caption, tagging people, adding locations and building your post in real time.

Latergramme alerts you when it's time to post. Make sure you don't miss that push notification! | Instagram Tool That Has Us Saying 'YAY!' - Latergramme Review via @social_studio

Getting Wordy
We tend to still type out our caption in the 'Notes' app before pasting it into Latergramme. Which means that adding Latergramme into the mix requires an additional step that may not work for you.

Don't Miss It
Latergramme alerts you when it's time to post (since it cannot post on your behalf) and it can be easily missed since it only pops up as a push notification. If you are using your phone when the alarm goes off, you can potentially miss it so keep an eye out for those push notifications!

Game
Latergramme helps keep those of us who have multiple accounts organized. By using the app, we don't have to remember *blank* time to post *blank* content! Although, at this time, we're still playing the sign in game! There isn't a way to log into all of your IG accounts at once. Meaning, you still have to sign in and out of the multiple accounts you manage.

There it is! These are the PROS and CONS in our opinion. It's still a brand new app and they are adding a TON of new features soon – wink! We talked with the CEO, Matt Smith while we were in the process of writing this post and they have some really exciting things in the works here in the next couple months so stay tuned! We truly do believe it is a great option to work into your current routine! 

We'll be talking more about the wonders of Latergramme plus five things you can do to up your Insta game in our upcoming webinar...