Improve Your Instagram with Iconosquare!

There’s Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights, but what do you use for Instagram? Iconosquare! Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram was designed to be a mobile app and is difficult to manage from a desktop. Well, Iconosquare can help you manage and analyze your Instagram account from the comfort of a desktop to help you optimize your Instagram profile.

Just like the mobile Instagram app, you are able to view your feed and like or comment on posts. The benefit of viewing this information on Iconosquare is being able scroll through your feed and like or comment on posts rapidly on a desktop rather than a tiny phone screen. Iconosquare lets you easily manage your comments and direct messages which is important for building and managing relationships, especially for a small business. You can also create groups to filter your feed by. This can be extremely helpful when you’re following a lot of accounts!

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Read on to learn how you can use Iconosquare to improve your Instagram account...

Get To Know Your Audience

As mentioned, you can view your followers on Iconosquare, but you can also view your follower growth in the last week or month. This includes any new or lost followers. Iconosquare also lists your ten most engaged followers. This is based on how much your followers “engage” with your account by liking or commenting on your posts. It is important to recognize who these followers are and to engage back with them. Social media is meant for interacting after-all!

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Increase Engagement

Keep in mind, the number of followers you have is not as important as engagement! Engagement measures how much your followers interact with your posts by liking or commenting on them. Along with providing the raw numbers of likes and comments received, Iconosquare gives you follower engagement rates. These rates should be monitored and should be increasing over time. Raw numbers may not give insight about how connected your followers are with your Instagram account, but engagement rates will!

See these percents? The big number is the percent form you last photo. The small is an average based off your last 15 photos. For comparisons sake, our engagement rates are pretty strong. Our industry average is anywhere from 2%-3%. You should always be focused more on engagement rates, verses vanity numbers (likes and follows).

A good starting point for increasing follower engagement is seeing which of your past posts received the most likes or comments. Iconosquare lets you to easily view your five most liked and commented posts ever. This allows you to better understand which type of posts your followers are most interested in. Is there a pattern? Do your followers consistently like posts of a similar theme? Try experimenting with different types of posts and captions, then check Iconosquare to see which posts performed the best!

Post at Optimal Times

Posting at optimal times is critical, especially on Instagram where posts have a very short lifespan. If you’re not posting when your audience in on Instagram, they may miss it completely! Luckily Iconosquare gives you the average post lifespan along with the optimal times to post based on historical data. Optimal times to post is organized by days of the week and by the hour. Using this information provided by Iconosquare helps ensure that your posts will be viewed by more followers which potentially means more engagement!

Which feature do you think you will like the most from Iconosquare?