Humans over Numbers

In April, Crystal of Social Studio Shop wrote about the importance of investing in your audience. Check it out here because she dives into building relationships with your audience via social media. The article is a great foundation for what I want to talk about today. Which is… shifting your perspective from numbers to humans.

How to shift your perspective from seeing your audience as a ‘target market’ to seeing them as real human beings with names… with stories, hopes, dreams and fears. An activity to map out your ideal target market. | Developing your audience persona | Blogging and marketing tips for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Click through to learn more. Coffee | Rifle Paper Company | Writing | Journal

Often we get focused in the number of followers, likes and comments. But behind each number is a real live person. A human being who chose to like your photo, follow your brand and leave a comment.

Take a moment and appreciate this. You have created something another person enjoyed. They dig your photo, your copy, your brand… they dig you!

Why do they dig you and what are looking for? Connection.

"I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” ― Brené Brown

We are wired for connection as human beings. As a business, you aren’t really selling your product… you're selling a form of connection, a feeling or a belief. This is what your ‘why’ is all about.

How do you do that? The simple answer is to deeply understand your audience, your target market.

What does that mean? It means seeing them a people. Shifting your perspective from seeing your audience as a ‘target market’ to seeing them as real human beings with names… with stories, hopes, dreams and fears.

Shift your perspective from seeing your audience as a ‘target market’ to seeing them as real human beings. (Tweet this!)

Understanding them in such a deep way will allow you to create more and connect more. Create content and products they truly want. Connect in a way to build a loyal customer and cheerleader.

An Exercise to Dive Deep

This is an exercise to put you in the shoes of your target market with the goal of understanding them as a human person.

First, make some space and time. Get a cup of coffee or tea and a journal. Ready for the creative juices flow?

For the purpose of this exercise and most of your marketing, it is best to refine your target market down to a single person. Doing this allows you to get inside their head and truly resonate with the ideal target market you want to reach. (Tip: think of your favorite customer. The one you love working with.)

Now you are going to journal as though you are your ideal target market. Go through a day in their life. Here are some questions to prompt you. (Tip: remember this is a journey to get to know them. There is no right or wrong way to do this.)

What does an average day look like?
What’s going through their mind?
What conversations are they having with themselves, their friends and family?
What time do they wake up? What’s their morning routine?
What music are they listening to? What are they consuming (books, blogs, magazines, articles, podcast, videos, etc)?
Where and what are they eating?
What events do they go to?
What’s on their mind?

Next, I want you to image it’s New Year Eve. This is often a time of reflect and dreaming. A look back at the year and a look to the future.

What’s on their mind?
How did this past year go?
What are they looking to do, make, feel in the coming year?
What do they hope for in the coming year?
What are their dreams?
What are they afraid of? What’s holding them back?

By this time, you will now know this person as a human. You will have a deeper understanding of their hopes, dreams and fears.

You gather enough of these humans and you have a tribe of your own. Cheering you on and buying your stuff… now we’re getting somewhere, now we’re building something and it’s bigger than us as individuals.

Now, how can you serve them?

Cheers to you and your tribe,