How to Write Unforgettable Social Copy on Instagram Part 1

If you’re scratching your head thinking “what the heck is copy? Isn’t this something Don Draper would have created back in the Mad Men days of advertising?” Yes, “copy” essentially is just a marketer’s term for – w o r d s! Specially, words that are meant to connect with your audience and deliver your marketing message (what you have to sell). When done right, good copy can (and should) resonate with your audience, leave a lasting impact + encourage your community to take some form of action.

It may seem like you’re just writing a caption to go along with your Instagram post but when you walk through our 4-step process – you will discover that your “words” have the power to pack a serious punch! Throughout this series, you will discover how to write unforgettable social copy on Instagram that resonates, converts + leaves a lasting impact!

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So – let’s get started!

Step one. . .

Know Your Audience

Have you ever shared a post that you poured your heart into only to hear crickets on the other end? It’s certainly not for lack of trying! You get a gold star in my book for giving it your all but to ensure that your posts resonate with you AND your community – you need to first get into the minds + the heart of who you want to be listening.

If you’ve ever attended one of our social media workshops – you know that one of the first things we have you do is craft an audience persona. This process allows you to identify who your potential clients or customers are (to the heat + the core) through key characteristics. From here, you can take the information to better craft your messaging to align with their hopes, desires + their dreams.

If I asked you to describe your ideal client, right now, what would you say? (take a few moments to jot this down.)

Now, what if I asked you to adjust that description while keeping the following questions in mind?

  1. What does your customer or client really look like? Think here just about anything you would add to a Tinder profile – age, sex, appearance.

  2. What does their life look like on paper? If you’ve ever filled out a ren application or census survey – it’s kind of like that! (Relationship status, geographical location, employment status, etc.)

  3. What gets them excited to jump out of bed in the morning? Are they motivated by money, relationships, recognition or freedom? (Maybe it’s a mix of all four!)

Alright, now – let’s try that again! Adjust your description based off these factors.

Your previous statement that might have been a sentence of two long, is now (hopefully) a few paragraphs long. Congratulations, Socialite! You’ve just started to craft your audience persona!

If you’re interested in diving further into this activity – check out our 4-day email course! We’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of persona mapping so you can walk away with a full-on “story” describing exactly who your ideal client is in detail. Moving forward, when you sit down to create copy to go along with your Instagram posts – keep this description next to you!

Step two. . .

Focus On Value

Alright, now that we have our ideal client’s hopes, dreams + desires mapped out to a “t” – it’s time to focus on value + more specifically, the value that you have to offer them! Here’s where your persona map comes in handy! Let’s say that you are a blogger + you want to promote your newest blog post on Instagram. Your end goal here, is to get as many eyes on your blog post as possible. You might think – easy enough, I can share about that. So, your Instagram copy might look like this (or similar)...

“New on the blog, I’m sharing my favorite moisturizers.”

Let me ask you this – would you take the time out of your busy day to read a blog post based off this Instagram copy? Probably not, right? You’re likely thinking, great, why should I care? What’s in it for me? And that’s exactly what can happen when you forget to focus on value in your Instagram copy!

Let’s fix that!

Remember our awesome audience persona we just mapped out? It’s time to put it to work for us! We’ll use the following persona traits as examples...

Persona Trait

  • My ideal reader has two young kiddos, a full time job + is trying to juggle all the things.
  • My ideal reader has a limited-budget.
  • My ideal reader is deeply passionate about clean living.


  • These moisturizers are no fuss solutions. Slap it on, get hydrated + go! No 30-min routines needed!
  • These moisturizers are a serious steal (under $15) + you can find them at your local drug store.
  • These moisturizers are vegan, plant-based + contain 6 ingredients or less!


Now that we have our three value offers – let’s try that Instagram copy again!

“Hey mammas, raise your hand if you’re like me + you spend your entire day taking care of everyone except yourself! Yep, I hear yeah! When my skin is dry, I don’t have time to go run to the spa for a facial. I need something quick, affordable + preferably something that I know won’t harm my little babes when I cover them in a million kisses! Today on the blog, I’m sharing with you my go-to moisturizers that are no fuss, under $15 + all-natural! P.S you can find all of these gems at your local drug store!”

What about now? Are you more interested in reading this blog post?

I know I am + I’m not even a mom! Focusing on value simply means aligning what you already have to offer with your audiences’ needs. I’ve given you the framework for starting this process of writing unforgettable social copy on Instagram – now it’s your turn!

  1. Complete your audience persona map – need help with this? We’ve got you covered!

  2. Focus on value – you can use the above table as an example!

Next up, make sure to come back for the second part of this series to hear our final two steps!

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