How to Use Project Management Tools for Your Blog

Good blog posts don’t just come out of thin air. They require well thought out planning and execution. If you’ve been working off a cluster of spreadsheets and hand scribbled notes, it might be time to implement a project management tool to help you get your organization under control!

A seasoned blogger will tell you that a great blog post requires serious planning beyond just writing. Click through to read which project management tools we love for getting your blogging process streamlined, organized, and make the best blog posts you possibly can!

What Tools You Can Use


Asana is a (free!) project management tool that you can use to set up projects and collaborate with multiple people if you wanted to. It’s basically a hybrid of a task and a project manager so you can keep your blog to-do’s and bigger projects all in one! The beauty of Asana is you can get as detailed as you like with task descriptions, attachments, due dates, etc. AND you can enable a special feature that sends jumping unicorns and birds across your page as a reward for completing a task.


Do you live and die by post-it notes? Trello might be a great option for you. Troll’s drag + drop functionality is great for moving things around and getting visual with your tasks. You can use it to create different “boards” for your different projects and keep your “cards” organized with due dates or times.


Similar to Asana, Azendoo is a hybrid task and project management tool. It does have a heavier focus on teams and collaboration, so if you’re working with multiple bloggers or a team it could be great. You can definitely still use it to utilize your personal projects, though! One of the coolest things about Azendoo is all the integrations it offers. You can plug in integrations to your favorite organization tools like Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox.


This is one of the pricier tools out there, but it offers a lot of features. You can host schedules, message boards, documents and files, and your to-dos along with your projects for your blog. It’s a handy all-in-one!

How to Use Them

Once you’ve picked the tool that works best for you, you’ll find custom ways to create workflow that suits your blog best. But in the meantime, here are some general ways you can use project management tools to streamline your blog posts.

See the Big Pictures

Create projects within your system to map out your content for larger chunks of time. Think of it like planning content for a magazine - you want it to be timely, right? By using a project-based system for your blogs, you can plan special posts, and keep track of what your overall workload is during any given season.

Break it Down

Once you have your projects in place, starting breaking them down into to-do’s. For example, are you doing a blog post on a DIY project? Create a “project” for your blog post [ex. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging] and start setting some tasks around it - buying supplies, creating the product, drafting the blog post, editing images are all smaller tasks that make up the larger project - the blog post as a whole. Utilize your project management tool to help you see every little component around your blog post and schedule from there. You’ll have a much better idea of how much time the post will take from start to finish!

Organize, organize, organize!

Do you have any notes or inspiration for this blog post? Include it in your project descriptions. Attach any documents you might need or files you’ll want to have on hand so that when you’re getting ready to publish the post, you’ll have everything you need on hand!

If you have an organized system and the right tools, creating blog posts will be so much more enjoyable and less-time consuming. Don’t let disorganization distract from your creativity! So what do you think, Socialite? Are there any tools we missed that you love to use for blogging? Share with us in the comments!