How to Use Instagram Stories to Boost Engagement During the Holidays

As if the potential engagement growth that comes along with Instagram Stories wasn’t enough, you are now able to use Boomerang and mention other users in your Stories. These new features come just in time for the holiday rush. Best. Present. Ever!

Keep reading to learn how to use Instagram Stories to boost engagement during the holidays. Oh and by the way, if you missed this previous post we shared, How To Use Instagram To Boost Holiday Sales make sure to dive in before unwrapping these tips!

Instagram Stories are a great tool for reaching your audience + boosting engagement during the Holiday season. Click through to read how you can utilize its features to engage + boost sales!

Highlight Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most hectic yet most opportune days of the year to boost sales. You’ve figured out what deals you plan to offer, now it’s time to get your audience excited about them. Instagram Stories are the perfect way to do this. By promoting your deal the week leading up to Thanksgiving, you are giving your dreamies a chance to revisit products that may have previously been out of their price range or simply slipped their mind.

Our friends at Details Darling mentioning their Cyber Monday sale in their Instagram Stories!


#socialstudiotip: Trying to grow your email list? Use your Instagram Stories and promote your promos! Give your dreamies a heads up on Instagram Stories the day before you launch a promotional code. Let them know if they sign up for your mailing list, they’ll receive a special gift in their inbox tomorrow. The next day, your dreamies will receive their discount code and you will have grown your list– win win!

Wish your Followers Happy Holidays

Although every social platform can be an appropriate one to wish your audience Happy Holidays, Instagram Stories allows you to have a little fun with it. Throw in a few emojis and a cute drawing, play around with it for each holiday!

#socialstudiotip: Love Snapchat’s stickers and holiday filters? Did you know you can use them on Instagram Stories too! Here’s how–

  • Open Snapchat, take your photo/video

  • Apply your filter(s) or stickers

  • Save your ready-to-go Snap to your camera roll (see examples)

To save your Snaps to your camera roll, hold down on the “download” button until “Save to…” window appears. Select “Camera Roll & Memories”, then open up Instagram Stories. To select your now saved Snap image (or video), pull down with one finger on your screen, select your image/video, then publish to your Instagram Stories! Easy as that!

Mention Brands you are Loving for Holiday Shopping

Absolutely loving a product this season? Share the love! Not only will your boss babes audience be grateful to learn about a new holiday fave, by mentioning the brand you present the opportunity for potential love back or even a future collaboration. Hello Brand Sponsorship And Collaborations!

Share Holiday-Related Blog Posts

Have a holiday-themed post up on your blog? Utilize your Instagram Stories to share the post! Simply create a trackable link for your post (we heart bitly) and add it to your website link on your Instagram account. Then, use your Instagram Stories to tease your holiday-themed blog post and tell your dreamies exactly where they can go to find out more!

We love how Sam works in her branded colors to her Instagram Stories– super smart and oh-so fun!


Throw in a Fun Holiday Boomerang

As mentioned above, you can now boomerang in your Instagram Stories. Yay! Think snow tossing, red cup mocha sipping, mistletoe kissing, New Year’s cheersing. The possibilities are endless!

Get even more creative with your holiday Stories with tips from our Instagram Stories for Business post + free eBook!