How to Use Instagram Analytics to Attract Your Tribe

Okay, okay. . .

So we at Social Studio Shop are constantly saying “run your analytics” & “record your numbers” & “this is how you measure your social success” but many of you are probably thinking “Great! Sooo … how do I go about doing that?”

Well, I'm here to help! It’s a fairly simple process + once you get the hang of it, you’ll be so glad you did!

how to use instagram analytics to attract your tribe

The two websites we recommend to find your Instagram analytics are Iconosquare + Squarelovin’.

Iconosquare now charges a fee but has a 7-day free trial. Squarelovin’ is free of charge for now.

Here’s what I recommend you pay attention to Iconosquare–

In the Overview tab, you want to check out your “Love Rate” (aka your engagement rate or the percentage of people interacting with your posts). In the love rate box, the top (larger) number is your latest post’s engagement rate & the lower (smaller) number is your average engagement rate of the last fifteen posts.

In this tab, you can take note of the new community members you have gained by checking out your new followers – make sure to interact with those folks! Now, you can also see who you have lost but we try to keep it on the positive side + not pay too much attention to that. Bare in mind if you've lost followers, this usually means one of two things, you're posting too frequently or these people are not your ideal audience (if it's the latter then don't worry about it!)

You also want to head down to the Rolling Month Analysis tab to see what your most liked + commented photos are for the last month.

You may be wondering "Why is that important?"

Well, if that’s what your audience is responding best to, you may want to create more content like this!

For example, if your flatlays get the most engagement (comments + likes) then it would be a good idea to plan more photos like that. Likewise if your audience responds best to lifestyle photos with people in them!

You can also see your Most Engaged Audience members on the bottom right – be sure to show them some major LOVE! (because truly, they are your brand advocates)

Then, down in the Engagement tab it’s always good to look at your “Most Liked Media Ever” & “Most Commented Media Ever” for the same reason you analyze your most engaged posts in the last month. This will give you an idea what your audience has liked best overall! Take note if it’s a personal posts, giveaway, value-driven posts or just posts about your business, products or services! It’s a wonderful tool to understand why your audience is currently invested in you + how you can deepen that relationship.

Here, you can also see the peaks & valleys of months that you have received more or less likes/comments.

Analyze this from the mindset of–

Which month did I put the most effort into my social media strategy?

Which month did I interact the most?

When you are able to analyze these things you can better understand why you are getting these results!

Down in the Optimization tab, you can find your optimal posting times! And you’re all, "Elana, what does that even mean?" … Well, ‘optimal posting times' mean the times that you are seeing the most engagement (aka LOVE) from your audience! My best advice is to jot these down in a new note in your ‘Notes’ tab so that you always have them on hand when planning out your content.

In this tab, you can also see your post life meaning, how long your post “lives” or gets interacted on.

NOW – I must tell you there is a lot more information available on Iconosquare! A lot. Although after years of using it, these are the stats, information + numbers to which I pay attention. For me, these are the things that best track our social success + allow us to make a plan going forth.

As far as Squarelovin’ . . . Here’s what I recommend–

In the Overview tab, you can take note of:

  • Growth (Last 7 Days) — What changes have you made that caused growth? If your growth was stagnant, what tactics could you put in place to change that?
  • Scores for your last 4 posts + your last 15 posts

    AKA your–

    Engagement Rate

    Love Rate

    Talk Rate

    Spread Ratio

  • In the Monthly Analysis tab:

Your total likes + comments for the month

Your most liked/commented media of the month

(Pop Quiz! Do you remember why it’s important to take note of these things?!)

Also, you can see your accounts growth in the last 30 days! This way, you can see how your latest social strategies are paying off!

Next, I make my way over to the Engagement tab to gander at your most liked/commented media ever!

Again, this is to see if these posts seem to match up with the information the Monthly Analysis is telling me or if it contradicts–meaning that my     audience may be shifting. Or that my posts have taken on a different form.

This tab also shows your likes received + comments received by month/year. This allows you to direct the passing months & see what you did right on the months with the most engagement from your audience!

Head over to the Optimization tab to find out The Best Time To Post + The Worst Time To Post.

Aka your optimal posting times! The layout of how Squarelovin' presents this information is quite a bit different from Iconosquare, so those of who have used Iconosquare or started with Iconosquare first because of this article might have a little adjusting to do!

Extra Tip: Make sure to update your timezone + country before checking your optimal posting times. Go to, "Account Settings" and from there choose your country + timezone.

In the Community tab is where you can see all about the others in your community–new followers, lost followers, people you may want to follow, the people you engage most with, your relationships (who follows you, who you follow, if it’s reciprocal, etc) + lastly, your account growth.

WAHOO! You know know all the bolts + screws of the two platforms we recommend.

You’ve got the low down now–the scoop. So, you’re excited + want to get moving (I don’t blame you)! When you head over to these sites, it’s good to know you can “export” this information to your computer, you can also take screenshots (if that your cup of tea) or if you’re old school + love to have everything written down–you can go that route! But no matter what, make sure to record all of this information! It’s vital for your social strategy + to record your social success!

You want to check back into these sites about once a month (or every couple of weeks if you’re experimenting with a lot of new strategies). This way you can get a gauge on what’s performing well, what’s not, what your latest optimal times are, etc.

Want to get a Free Checklist to record your analytics? Awesome, because we created one for you!

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