How to Tell if Your Blog Content is Valuable

So you have a blog. Whether for fun, or for your business, do you ever wonder why you’re spending all the time researching, writing, taking pictures, finding photos, the list goes on? Searching your topic on Pinterest leads to about 20 similar posts that might have more information, or you just hit publish on a post you’re proud of only to find that so-and-so on Instagram announced they just published on the exact same topic. You know what, Socialite? It’s okay! In this digital age, there are many people who are trying to do the same thing as you, sell the same product as you, or say the same thing as you. Does that mean you should throw in the towel? Absolutely not! If anything, that means it’s time to take a little inventory of the content you are writing to ensure that it has value to your audience.

With so many bloggers out there today, it's easy to get lost in a sea of DIY or how-to posts. If you need help making sure your content is valuable and reaching your readers, click through to see our tried and true tips for creating blog content that will be valuable and resourceful for your audience.

One of the most important things to remember when generating content for your personal or business blog is that you might be the only one that does what you do in your specific social circle. Yes, there may be others that you follow who sell similar things or offer related services; but remember, you most likely have a magnifying glass to them because they are your competition. This makes you an integral resource for your friends, family, business acquaintances, and social circles making blog posts also an important resource. Here are a few ways that you can comb through your past blog posts, and checklist future posts to make sure your blog content is valuable to current and potential clients and customers.

Does this relate to your Dreamie?

So much of what you do revolves around attracting your ideal customer and client. Or it should. One way to tell right away if your blog content is of valuable to your Dreamie is to ask if it is relevant to your product or service. If it doesn’t relate in anyway, then as good of an idea it is, you might want to hold off on posting. Why? You want to send clear messages to your audience about what it is you do, how you can help, and become a resource for them. Publishing unrelated content will send a confusing message and that is never the goal.

Does it teach or solve a problem for your Dreamie?

The best way to become a resource for your Dreamie is to create content that helps them. Even if it’s before they know they need an answer to a problem. You never know what they will keep in the back of their mind for a later time. How do you do this? Write down any question you’ve received relating to your business, search through Facebook groups or Instagram comments for troubleshooting inquiries, and creatively think of things people might ask themselves relating to what you do. From there, devise blog titles that will catch their eye when they are scrolling through Pinterest. Here’s a few tips on creating catchy titles:

  1. Start with “How to…”

  2. Use Numbers in the title.  (“X Tips to…”)

  3. Story tell like “How I…”

  4. Create a “Step by step guide to…”

  5. Contrast two points. (Topic vs. Topic)

  6. Share tips and tricks.

Can your Dreamie put it to action right away?

Now that you’ve written something your Dreamie can relate to and you’ve helped them in some way, it’s time to leave them with something they can implement immediately. Valuable content is going to motivate the reader to take action on their own blog. Not only have you now become a resource for answers and direction, but also an encouraging catapult to helping them also succeed. That will leave your Dreamie coming back for more!

By taking the time to ask these questions before you write your blog posts, you will soon have a content calendar that is full of valuable content. You will be excited to share with your followers and readers blog posts that help, assist, and direct them in their own endeavors. The best part? They will recognize you as a credible source and better trust your products and services!