How to Stay Creative When Your Day Job is Anything But

Pursuing your creative passions is seriously a full-time job. You pour your blood, sweat and tears into turning your creative dreams into a reality. Chances are you’re also working a quote-unquote, “real” job in order to pay the bills as well. A girl boss’ gotta do what a girl boss’ gotta do, right? But what do you do when your day job is void of any creativity and leaves you feeling tired and uninspired at the end of the day?

Is your day job zapping your energy and taking away from your creative energy? If your side hustle isn't getting the time it deserves lately, check out these 5 tips on how to stay inspired when working a big girl job to pay the bills.

If you’re feeling a bit of burnout and struggling with finding time for your creative passions at the end of the day, get ready to grab your bootstraps, boss babe! Yes, it is going to take some effort on your end, and your days might be a little fuller, but with a few helpful tips you can find a balance between the necessary and the dreamy.

Designate a Creative Space

If you spend all day in an office that isn’t inspiring, it’s important to designate a space for yourself that fosters your creativity. Even if you’re limited on space at home, create a little corner or nook that makes you feel inspired when you step into it. Fill the space with colors and visuals that spark the right side of your brain and get those creative juices flowing. It will absolutely help to have a space that is void of any day-to-day work and is a sacred space for your creativity. No work allowed!

Find Your Tribe

It’s easy to get caught up in a routine of waking up, going to work, and coming home each day. Social media is a beautiful tool for creatives because it allows you to easily connect with local creatives. I can’t tell you how many wonderful friends I have made and relationships have been formed over social media alone. These relationships open up all kinds of doors you might not necessarily have had access to just sitting behind your work desk each day. Build your tribe of people who inspire you to be creative and the good times will follow. Before you know it, instead of heading straight home you’ll be leaving the office and heading to a fun, local event with your creative gang.

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Seek Out New Opportunities in Your Career

Even if your job doesn’t necessarily foster your creative talents, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to incorporate your special skills. Keep your eyes peeled for creative opportunities or, even better, create your own! Not only will your employer be impressed with your initiative, but you’ll be happier doing something you are excited about as well. It’s a win-win!

Carry Inspiration With You

Get yourself a fabulous notebook or sketchpad and keep it with you at all times. Having that tactile inspiration will allow you to always keep creativity at the forefront, even when you’re doing the most mundane of tasks. You never know when creativity might strike, so be prepared!

Schedule Time for What You Love

It’s so easy to end your work day and just sink into the couch. Don’t do! If you schedule time in your day for your creative passions you can make sure that it doesn’t slip through the cracks. Those Law and Order SVU marathons are enticing after a long day, but they won’t fulfill you the same way creativity does. At the start of each week, take a look at what you have going on and schedule in time for those dreams.

We all need to pay to bills, and sometimes our creative dreams aren’t quite there yet. Instead of burning out on a 9-5 you don’t enjoy, just make sure to find some extra time for those crazy dreams. Pursuing your creative passions will help you not only feel more fulfilled, but it will also make stepping into that day job just a little bit easier each day. You’ve got this, boss babe!