How to Set Social Media Goals for 2017

I’m just going to make a statement right now. 2017 is the year of the boss babe. Yep, I truly think this is the year creative ladies from all over are going to take over + bring their business and brands to a whole new level. Running a business itself has changed so much since the launch of social media. I can’t tell you how many ladies I have met that credit the entire success of their business to a loyal following on Instagram or a Pinterest post that went viral.

The new year is here and the time has come to set some serious boss babe goals for your business, starting with your social media! If you use social media to market your brand, it's time to stop shooting in the dark + get serious about your progress and results! Click through to read our tips on setting social media goals for the new year and see some real traction in your business!

Now that social media is such a popular form of marketing for businesses everywhere, it’s not enough to simply post your stuff and hope for the best. Now you need a real strategy and a plan when it comes to marketing yourself online. That’s why I’m here to share with you the importance of setting social media goals for your brand in 2017. Goal setting is the best way to visualize your success and hold yourself accountable. Here are a few tips on how to set social media goals for the new year that will help your brand become the best it has ever been.

Start with your Why

Our purpose for using social media is to be a resource of education for our Socialites. We aim to inspire strategy, cultivate authentic connections, and help boss babes grow their social presence with intention. Knowing why you are setting your goals is one of the most crucial steps to creating successful ones. Without a clear understanding of the purpose behind your passion, you’re less likely to keep yourself accountable and let your goals fizzle out.

Create SMART goals

Have you heard this one before? SMART is a handy acronym for setting your social media goals because it encompasses all of the components you need to create a goal that is realistic and attainable.

Specific: Your goal should be clear + defined

Measurable: Attach a metric so you can track your progress

Achievable: Make sure this is a goal you’ll actually be able to tackle this year

Realistic: Do you have the capacity and the resources to achieve this goal?

Time Sensitive: Set a time frame that challenges you to achieve your goal, but not one that is impossible.

Evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses

Now is the time to look at what you have been doing really well this past year, and where you need a little improvement. If you have a large number of followers, but you’re not getting the social media engagement you’d like, your focus would be generating more activity. Maybe you’ve joined several Facebook groups but haven’t been active in them. In that case, your goals could center around being more efficient with Facebook groups.

Taking stock of your current position or performing a social media audit will allow you to look back at what you’ve accomplished and help you set goals to get better results.

These are just a few quick tips to help get you started on setting social media goals for your business in 2017. If you are really serious about making 2017 your best year yet and are ready to tackle your goals in depth, join us for our goal setting workshop on January 25th! We’ll help you learn what type of goals you need, how to create them, and how to track your progress.

January 25th, 2017


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