How to Retweet with Comment and Why You Should!

Twitter introduced the ability to retweet with comments last year and unfortunately they’ve seemed to fall of the face of the planet! Retweeting with comments is similar to retweets, but Twitter separates the Tweet you’re quoting and your own (see example below). We’re in love with this feature and want to see them make a comeback!

Why You Should Retweet with Comment

Sharing is Caring!

Like we always say, social media is a place to be social! Of course you can share your own content (and you should!), but don’t forget to show your audience some love by taking the time to interact with them and share their content too! Retweeting with a comment is a great visual way to share others’ content while allowing you to add your own thoughts, but we’ll get to that later.

Stand Out

It’s very easy for Tweets to go unnoticed, especially ones with no visuals. Visuals grab attention and increase engagement, and we love engagement! Although RTs with comments technically don’t include visuals (unless you embedded a Tweet with an attached image!), they take up more space and are presented differently than a standard Tweet. Like we mentioned, not many people are currently using this feature just yet, so use this to your advantage! Your audience is likely to stop and take a second look while scrolling through their feed.

Add Your Own Thoughts

When quoting a Tweet, you’re limited to 140 characters. This includes the Tweet you’re quoting plus crediting the Tweeter. Now this leaves you with little to no room to add your own thoughts, especially if the Tweet you’re quoting or their Twitter handle is long. This is why RTs are so great! When you share a tweet with comments, you get an additional 140 characters (well, technically 117 after pasting the Tweet’s link, which counts as 23 characters). This leaves so much more room for your own comments! Hurray!

Follow Conversations

Following conversations on Twitter can get a little tricky. We’ve all seen public conversations on our feeds and had no idea what they were referring to. Am I right? When embedding a Tweet, the embedded Tweet is displayed right below your own allowing your audience to easily follow the conversation.

How to Retweet with Comment on Desktop

  1. Find the Tweet you want to retweet with comment
  2. Click the "Retweet" button (it's the one with two arrows making a square)
  3. Add a comment in the "Retweet this to your followers" box
  4. Click Retweet!

How to Retweet with Comment on Mobile

  1. Find the Tweet you want to RT with comment
  2. Got it? Click the "Retweet" button and select "Quote Tweet"
  3. Add a comment in the "Add a comment" section
  4. Click Retweet!

You can also do this the original way if you prefer (this was the method we used last year)...

  1. Find the Tweet you want to RT with comment
  2. Click the three little dots next to the favorite button
  3. Click “Copy link to Tweet”
  4. Copy the link and paste it into a new Tweet
  5. Add your own thoughts in front of the link
  6. And Tweet!