How to Rethink Your Blog Growth

Okay, okay…you’ve finally had enough! You’ve been beating yourself up over this month’s complete drop in traffic on your blog. Where did they all go?! The post you thought was perfectly timed and warranted mega pop-culture attention actually got no attention at all. This might be a past experience of yours. I know it is for me! Your thoughts are consumed with questions like: How many hits did I get on my post? Was there a traffic increase from last month? Or even yesterday? How come people aren’t liking my blog or Instagram post promoting my blog?

Hmm…know this feeling? Keep reading!

Honestly, we’ve all been there and it’s not hard to let these questions consume us as bloggers, especially when passion is involved. The problem with these questions is they can produce defeat, anxiety, and a lack of motivation in doing what we love, which just might keep us from breaking through and making an impact on those around us!

Focus on creating great content and developing your voice…the numbers will come…and when they do, it won’t matter to you as much anymore.


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5 Ways to Positively Re-Think Your Blog Growth (Tweet this!)

Shift Your Focus

Our focus is most affective when it’s not on the numbers but on content and passion. Writing specifically to increase numbers shouldn’t be your driving force. When you focus on building your content with integrity – you will see your blog flourish! Don’t forget who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing – that’s what your followers will fall in love with and publicly rave about!

You Win Some - You Lose Some

Two steps forward one step back… People will find you, follow you, and unfollow you. It’s a process! When people unfollow you, chances are they weren’t going to be an asset to your growth anyways. Focus on engaging your current followers and building those relationships! I struggled with that process at first and could tell you the exact amount of people that unfollowed me. But when I put it into perspective, I realized that I actually gained 400 followers in two weeks on Instagram and added 5 new subscribers to my blog! The goal is to find those that your blog resonates with. When you find them, those are the ones that will promote, share, and celebrate your blog to others. Use those hashtags!

Mind Over Matter

Blogging is a journey and you have to keep pushing forward. Though it would be nice to create your first post and wake up the next morning with 10,000 subscribers but that’s not how your blog growth will begin. Each new post and connection is a brick you are laying in the building of your brand. A single brick isn’t beautiful but the end product is! There is value in each small step along the way! The big picture is that the blog is getting better, you’re learning, and you see growth within yourself!

Why Not Ask

Partnerships, collaborations, and networking are the most valuable tools to seeing your blog grow. Sometimes I think we try to compete with other bloggers rather than learning from one another. When I actually began to look at the great blogs out there, I learned from them, discovered my own voice and design, and connected with people similar to me. This has actually grown my blog and Instagram following. Find contact info and just ask about their experience. Remember, they too were once worried about blog growth!

Patience is of the Essence

Living in a society where we seek instant gratification, immediate results, and success can be tough. I think one of the most important things we can do is take a deep breath, keep moving forward, and wait on results. Its amazing sometimes how when we look back, it never took as long as we thought and our blog actually did grow once we stopped analyzing the numbers 50 times a day! Patience preserves the overall blog by forcing us to stay present and not create blog posts that are based on impulsivity.

So here’s the rundown

  • Find your voice, your audience, and focus on your content.
  • Your blog posts and passion are more important than numbers.
  • Focus on building relationships with followers, not those who unfollow.
  • Time is a friend. If this process has taught me anything, it’s patience.
  • Seek out other bloggers and don’t be afraid to ask to connect and learn. (See below for how you can connect with Kait!)
  • Keep moving forward. Someone needs to hear what you’re passionate about saying!

We’d love to hear what strategies you use to help you see your blog growth stress-free!

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