How to Launch a Bad Ass Blog: Secrets + Tips from 10 Successful Bloggers

Oh, blogs. It sometimes seems like everyone and their mother has one and there is a blog for every topic possible. But just because you decide to share your thoughts on the Internet doesn't necessarily make you a true blogger. There is so much time, creativity, and strategy that goes into creating a successful blog and making a name for yourself in the social-sphere. 

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite bloggers to pick their brains and get their best insights and tips about what they've learned since starting their blog. 

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We asked each blogger - "If you knew back then what you know now, what would you have done differently when starting your blog?"

We got back some amazing advice and are so excited to share some of our favorite snippets with aspiring successful bloggers! To see the full quotes and get even more helpful tips, make sure to download our Blogger Roundup E-book below!

"If you knew back then what you know now, what would you have done differently when starting your blog?"


"I didn't have a set posting schedule and this made it more difficult to balance my new passion with my nine to five. Since then, I've created a blog calendar that helps me manage the various aspects of maintaining a blog including, shooting looks, posting content and planning for future posts."

  • Felicia Veltz, Simply Her Fav | Instagram: @simplyherfav | Twitter: @simplyherfav

“If I knew then, what I know now I would start with a solid business plan for my blog from day one - This would include everything from establishing my ultimate goals as a blogger, to the daily routines to would help get me there!”

  • Jessica Hunter, Chic & Disheveled | Instagram: @chicdisheveled | Twitter: @chicdisheveled

"Ask yourself why you’re so drawn to a trend or style and don’t try to change your style to fit into what’s popular that season. If you don’t like macramé wall hangings, that is okay. If gold or brass makes you uncomfortable, that is okay. If you’re obsessed with fiddle leaf trees, then by all means, put a fiddle leaf fig in every room of your house… then blog about it."

  • Meagan Floris, The Wolf and the Wildflower | Instagram: @meaganfloris

"I would have started with my branding. I can’t tell you how many “makeovers” I’ve given my blog because I was never fully in love with the outcome of what I’d thrown together. It took a couple years before I finally landed on branding that I loved, and I can’t tell you how much easier it makes creating content once you finally have that style guide locked in.

  • Samantha Welker, Little Petunia in an Onion Patch | Instagram: @littlepetuniainanonionpatch | Twitter: @littlepetuniaop

"I resisted spending money despite really wanting to grow my blog, and the reality is I don't have the time or the smarts to learn everything without a course. I have invested in 3 courses so far and seen serious, measurable, lasting results from each.”

  • A Domestic Wildflower  | Instagram: @adomesticwildflower | Twitter: @adwildflower

“If I had known my blog would become a business, I definitely would have reached out to brands sooner and even started charging sooner as well! It’s important to educate brands about how bloggers’ businesses work and that advertising through blogs is worth their marketing expense."

  • Sarah Tripp, Sassy Red Lipstick | Instagram: @sassyredlipstick | Twitter: @sarahktripp

“I would've hired a graphic designer at the beginning to help with web design and branding. I waited until my blog was about 2 years old before doing this and it made such a difference in my overall online presence."

  • Jessica Klein, Oh, I Design | Instagram: @ohidesignblog | Twitter: @ohidesignblog

“Even if you're a new blogger with a small following, your work has value. If a brand or PR company approaches you and asks you to write about their product or post about it on social media, you need to get something in return -- whether that's a link to your blog, free product, a discount or actual payment."

  • Julia Wheeler, San Diego Songbird | Instagram: @songbirdjules | Twitter: @songbirdjules

“I would have started with an editorial calendar. I definitely am still revising my own, but to have a plan of your brand and where you see yourself in a year or so would have been great to start with.”

  • Lauren Dailey, Bohemian by the Bay | Instagram: @bohemianbythebay | Twitter: @bohemianbythebay

“Spending time on creating quality images is a must. Don't just throw anything out there because you need content (even though staying active on social media and your blog is super important). Make sure you are taking time to create clear and concise content that will not only resonate with your followers, but that represent you as a professional blogger. And have fun... obvi.”

  • Chelsea Cahan, Annabelles and Whistles | Instagram: @annabellesandwhistles

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