How to Grow Your Social Following with Quality over Quantity

It can be frustrating, can’t it? You spend so much time trying to come up with content you think will bring in new viewers to your social channels, but the growth isn’t there. It can be even more frustrating when you see other accounts with huge followings and you wonder what they’re doing that you’re not. First off, the comparison game never ends well, so just skip that one right there. Second, I can’t stress enough how important quality is over quantity when it comes to those vanity numbers. Truthfully, anyone can buy followers these days, or get a bunch of short-term ones by using those (awful) follow-unfollow techniques. But what’s the point if your audience isn’t engaged?

Don't fill your social media accounts with bogus, fluff followers. Find your tribe and grow an engaged following through quality rather than quantity. If you're looking for ways to grow your social media following with an audience who will stick around, click through to read our best practices!

Instead of focusing on finding mass quantities of followers, let’s focus on finding true, quality followers. But where do you start?

It starts with you

No one likes talking to a wall. If you want to find quality followers who will stick around and engage with your posts, it starts with you! You have to be engaging, and I don’t just mean hitting the “♡” when someone posts a comment. Strike up a conversation, ask questions, just like you would do in real life! If someone started talking to you in person you wouldn’t just give them a thumbs up and walk away, would you? No, you’d engage and respond, so the same should be true for social media.

This also means spending some time on their profile learning about who they are through what they are sharing and engaging on their content as well. Social media is a two-way street, and when you’re thoroughly engaged you’ll be amazed at the connections that can come out of it.

Share real life content

Everyone follows that one feed that’s just a little too perfect. It’s not realistic, and you don’t feel any real connection to that account, which makes it much easier to hit that unfollow button. Your content, whether you’re a business, blogger, or brand, should be humanized! No one wants to follow someone who is always pushing sales or asking for clicks to a blog post. If you’re looking for quality followers, you have to give something without asking for anything in return. This can mean glimpses into your personal life, exciting life events, behind the scenes peeks at work you're doing, you name it! Get real with your audience and it will build loyalty among your followers.

Build your tribe through hashtags

For me personally, this past year has turned my social media accounts into a combination of mom life and business. One of the ways I’ve been able to grow my following with some really great new accounts is by finding specialized hashtags that tie into whatever I’m sharing. Get really specific with your hashtags and find ones where your tribe is hanging out. For me, that was local creatives and mamas of new babies.

Use the “Explore” tab in Instagram to find hashtags related to ones that have worked for you and build up a bank. Just be careful not to use the exact same hashtags for every post. Your hashtags should be geared towards your content topic, not just something you automatically plug in each time.

Need extra help with hashtags? Check out our online course, How to Develop a Successful Hashtag Strategy

If you’re posting valuable, engaging content, your community will grow. It might not be at lightening speed, but those quick-fix followers tend to not stick around. Focus on the quality of your tribe over the quantity and you’ll be golden!