How to Get More Repins and Drive Traffic to Your Site

I think we can all agree that Pinterest is great for finding inspiration and DIY projects you’ll never finish *wink*. But it’s also a fantastic network for driving traffic to your blog!

Pinterest is a search engine that displays the most relevant and highest quality Pins first, just like any other search engine would! We’re sharing four things you can and should do before clicking “Pin It” to increase your number of impressions, repins and click-throughs!

Four Pinterest tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs to get more repins, impressions, and click-throughs on their pins. Super simple steps that will help you drive more traffic to your website or blog. Pin now, read later!

1. Use Optimal Image Sizes

As you probably know, Pinterest is VERY image-oriented. On top of using high-quality images, it’s important to use image sizes that are optimal for Pinterest.

You’ve probably noticed that all Pins are the same width, but vary in length. Pinterest limits how wide an image can be, but does not limit the image’s length. For this reason, longer images tend to perform better because they take up more real-estate space in the Pinterest feed. This being said, don’t create super long images solely for this purpose.

Longer pins are great for instance, if you want to share how-to steps.

“If it doesn’t add value, don’t pin it!” 4 Tips to Increase Your Traffic with Pinterest (Tweet this!)

The recommended image aspect ratio for Pinterest is between 2:3 and 2:7. If the image you want to use doesn’t fit this ratio, try cropping it or combining a couple images!

For more information on optimal image sizes for every network, check out Sprout Social’s always up-to-date guide here!

Extra tip: Create graphics for Pinterest using Canva. It’s simple and FREE!

2. Link to a Specific Page

Pinterest’s algorithm favors Pins that link to relevant and high-quality content. Pinners are looking for VALUE so make sure you are sourcing your Pins to a specific page (a permalink) and not to your home page or blog page. This way you’ll get the most repins and clicks!

3. Write Great Pin Descriptions

This is SO important! A great Pin description includes relevant keywords and flows naturally. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine so SEO keywording practices apply here! Think about words or phrases Pinners would search to find your Pin and integrate them into your description!

Keep in mind that stuffing your descriptions with keywords and/or hashtags may negatively impact your ranking!

4. Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself.” - Pinterest

See the bold text between the image and the description? That’s a Rich Pin! Rich Pins add more context to your Pins, creating more value and making your Pins rank higher. It’s a powerful way to increase your impressions and gain more click throughs!

For more information on Rich Pins and how to use them, click here.

And there you have it! Four ways to improve your Pins and drive more clicks to your site! We use these techniques and we’ve seen huge increases in our numbers since we revamped our Pinterest strategy and paid more attention to the quality of our Pins!

Final tip: Make sure to check your analytics regularly to find out what strategy works best for you!

Featured image by Sarah Sweeney