How to Get Brand Sponsorship and Collaborations

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your Instagram or checking your favorite blogs & thinking ‘hey, I want to share about that brand too!' but have no clue where to start? Yea, you’re not alone! New social influencers or bloggers just starting out can often find it intimidating to reach about about brand sponsorship! Becoming a brand advocate can be a great way to build your credibility & can serve as a wonderful source of marketing for the brand–it’s an awesome two way street! Today we're giving you some tips on how to go about getting noticed by brands in an effective & professional manner. We’re excited to fuel your ambitions so get out there and dare!

photo c/o Jessa Maddocks

Make Consistent Content

With so many brand sponsorships and collaborations going on online, you must stand out from the crowd to be noticed by brands! Work on creating a cohesive, consistent feel to your content will definitely help with this. You want to represent these brands with high-quality work & original ideas. That doesn’t mean you need a writing degree, DSLR camera or any other fancy equipment, it just means you need to create great content with the resources you have & draw on your talents.

Pro tip: We create A LOT of our images just using our iPhones!

Reach Out Where You’re Comfortable

When initially contacting companies, reach out to them on the social platform you feel most comfortable on! That way, if they click on your account they can get a feel of your content and engagement with your audience. Also, another idea is to contact the brands you’re interested in on a platform where they don’t have as large of a following. This gives you an edge & allows you to break through the crowds! For your initial contact, a friendly greeting will suffice & try to grab their contact info to further discuss via email!

Pro tip: Do not discuss business in depth in the comments on social media! Either send a private message or DM or simply ask for the best email to contact the brand & discuss business there!

Know Your Numbers

Take some time to know your analytics & numbers. If you feel comfortable, create yourself a media kit. This shows that you take your influence seriously & that you are organized. If you are not at that level with your blog yet or are a social influencer (not a blogger)–no worries! Just know your followship numbers, engagement rates and your audience. If you can cater the brands you work with, you don’t have to have large vanity numbers, you just need to know your audience and what will relate to them!

Be Complimentary

You catch more flies with honey but you catch more honeys being fly! . . . Wait, what? ;) All jokes aside, when you are communicating with brands on social media or via email, BE KIND! & even more so than that, be specific and personal. Show them the passion you have for their brand, concept or mission & why it would be of benefit for them to work with you. Demonstrate your attention to detail by referencing parts of their brand, blog posts they have recently written or sharing your favorite pieces from their collection!

Have a Vision

You reach out via your favorite social media network, get the brand’s contact info & are now writing your email to them. . . Yay! This is exciting stuff. When you are drafting your “pitch,” if you will, have a vision! By bringing fresh ideas to each brand you immediately demonstrate a higher worth. Also, by creating your own original ideas you are able to create your content to be received well by your followers–remember, you know them better than the brands!

Don’t Be Afraid to Dare!

When choosing companies to reach out to, you want to reach out to companies that could benefit from your collaboration. Although, if you are a fan of a very popular brand, don’t be afraid to reach out! What’s the worst they can say–NO? That’s ok! Rejection is hard but do not let yourself get discouraged. Some of the projects which bring the most pride have stemmed from daring to be bold & reaching outside of your comfort zone!